Posted by: hugapoohlouise | June 15, 2014

Happy Father’s Day to my dear husand and my dad

Today across America, we are celebrating Father’s Day!  So here on Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings I would like to wish Father’s all over the world a “Happy Father’s Day”.  Even if you are not a father in the typical sense, you still have the power in your life to influence someone’s life for good.  So just because you are not the biological father of a child, don’t let that stop you from being worthy of being a father.  A father doesn’t have to be biological, there are many different types of fathers.  But, what is the definition of a father?  You can look in a dictionary or online for the definition, but I have found the perfect definition and it is contained with the Holy Bible.  Read about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and you’ll have the best definition of a father in the world.

Don’t know how to be a father?  Do you need help?  Do you want a role model?  Then pick up your nearest copy of the Bible.  The LORD, Elohim, creator of all is the perfect example for you.  Trust me.

I want to thank all you men who have stepped up to the plate to be a father to the fatherless, to be a nurturer in the life of a child or adult.  To have stepped outside the norm and chosen to love someone more than you love yourself.  To give the gift of time to someone.  To teach someone something.  To be simply.  Thank you.

I also want to wish my dear husband, Jason a Happy Father’s Day.  I want to thank him for being the daddy to our 3 girls.  For having morals, convictions and listening to them.  For standing up in what you believe in and not going with the flow, especially when it comes to our girls.  For leading with a strong hand, but an even stronger heart as you rely fully on the Lord.  For leading by example and not with empty words.  For being a model in front of them instead of words that flow from a mouth.  Thank you.  I know it is not easy and some days you may feel like throwing in the towel or giving up.  I want to encourage you on those days.  It is all worth it.

I also want to wish my dad, Harry a Happy Father’s Day.  I want to thank him for being by daddy for 43 years.  I am thankful each day that I have with you as each additional day is a blessing from my Heavenly Father.  Thank you for all the hard work you’ve provided for your family over the years.  Thank you for standing up for what you believe in and for loving my mother through sickness and health.  For providing a home for us and for working long, hard hours to make sure our needs were met growing up.  For loving your granddaughters and teaching them about the life you’ve lived through the depression, Pearl Harbor.  For sharing life experiences with them that no one else can.

So from Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings – Happy Father’s Day.

Until Next Time,



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