Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 12, 2014


Today is Friday.  Lately, I find myself counting the minutes and seconds until it is Friday.  I don’t like that about myself.  I am not really a planner, I am more of a worrier.  I worry about what will happen tomorrow, I worry about what will happen the day after that and so on.

So I wanted to ask you this morning.  Are you a planner or a worrier?  It’s okay, you can speak the truth here.  No judgment, just love.

I have all the necessary planning tools.  Stay tuned by the way for another awesome planner review coming in October.  I use my planner daily. Or so I worry I will.  I write all the important events on my planner.  I schedule my quiet time, my Bible Study, church services and Sunday School.  I schedule all the birthday’s, anniversaries and life events I want to remember.  I schedule all the appointments my family has.  I schedule my blog posts and then I worry over them.  What if I forget?  What if I am late.  What if this what if that.  The worry takes over.  Ever done that?

I have a daughter who is terrified of storms.  Any kind, wind, rain, thunder, lightning you name it.  So I worry for her.  I check the weather forecast at least 100 times a day so I will know if there is a chance of a storm and try to find ways to divert her attention.  Then I have another daughter who worries she will forget to do one thing for school either homework or some project.  So I worry for her and try to keep track of all that is going on in her 6th grade life.   Her teacher sends me her homework each night via email and any special projects.  But, I worry for her.

I think I have established I am a worrier.  Because I have allowed this bad habit to take up residence in my life I suffer several side effects from it.  I have heartburn often.  I have indigestion often.  I am usually exhausted before the day even begins because let’s face it worry saps your energy.  As a mother of three, wife and caretaker of my dad, I don’t have much left over energy to spare.

I came across this verse this morning as I was having quiet time.  Psalms 31:15:

My times are in your hand  ~Psalm 31:15~

What?!  As a born again child of God I know that I am His.  He bought me with the precious blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.  I know He is in control and always will be.  But, I guess I never read this verse before, I mean really read it.  I love how the Word of God is alive.  What I mean by that is you can read a verse over and over, for instance the one above, I have read it at least 6 times as I’ve read the Bible through that many.  But it wasn’t until today when the worries of life threatened to capsize my boat that it really ministered to me.  WOW.  Alive.  God knew just what I needed this morning.  He always knows just what I need and if I will surrender to Him moment by moment He will show me.  Now sometimes the stubbornness comes out in me and I chose a path that I think is better and where do I end up?  In the pit of despair, worrying.

My worrying has never gotten me anywhere.  It has left me feeling sick and depleted of the necessary energy I need to be a wife, mother and caretaker, even a friend.  BUT on the other hand God has never let me down.  So why do I keep chosing to worry?  It has become a habit in my life.  I’ve allowed it to have free rein for so long.  Well, after reading the above verse, I’ve made the decision that I am not going to choose worry.  I am going to choose faith and trust.  Will it be easy?  No.  I’ve worried for far too long and it is going to rear its ugly head over and over again.  But you know what?  I have the very same power residing in me that raised Jesus from the dead.  I have the Holy Spirit within me.  Victory is mine!

So let’s pause right here and take a deep breath.  A really deep one, one that makes your belly move, inhale and as you are let the peace of God enter your life.  Now hold that breath and take that worry that is weighing you down and exhale and let go and let God.  He is so much more capable than I could ever be.  Let Him have it.  I mean really let God have the worries that are choking out the very life that resides in you.  The next time your mind or your heart wants to return to this worry, stop again and take a deep breath.  Give it to Him.  If you have to do it a 1,000 times, do it!

So if you are a worrier I hope these words today are encouragement to you.  If you are not a worrier, I hope you will share encouraging words and prayers with us today.

Until Next Time,



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