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The Challenge Fight Human Trafficking With Me November 22 – 30, 2014

I don’t usually share my about my personal convictions or beliefs on my blog, I usually share my opinion based on a certain product.  BUT, I have to take a stand and say NO MORE!  Not while I am walking this earth and I hope you’ll join me this holiday season.  What am I talking about?  Read on and find out how you can join me.

Family Christian and Destiny Rescue are teaming up for The Challenge to Fight Human Trafficking from November 22 to November 30, 2014 and I’ve decided to stand up for what I believe in and say enough is enough.  NO MORE!

DR3Every 26 seconds!   That is too much, wouldn’t you agree?

And yes it happens even here in the United States.

Penn State, abortions need I go on?  So wake up, Melissa.

 When the opportunity to share this challenge came across my screen from Family Christian I felt the conviction of the Lord in my heart telling me to step up to the plate to be apart of The Challenge to Fight Human Trafficking.  The Israelites disobeyed God when they were led into the promised land.  They failed to drive out what God had told them to drive out, the failed to tear down what God told them to tear down, they made agreements with those God told them not too.  The Lord asked the Israelites why they disobeyed His Word.  Is He asking you too?

God is calling each one of us to be obedient to stand up for Him, His Word.  To say NO MORE!  God is asking me today, “Melissa, you are not driving out the sexual immorality in your generation, you are allowing it to live among you and your family, you are tolerant of it. Melissa, you have disobeyed the Lord’s command.”  Ouch..  These Words, the Words of the Lord are sharp and quickly cut to the marrow.  Holy anger began to burn in my heart calling me no longer look the other way.  I was not going to turn a blind eye to this problem any longer and  I was going to take a stand and say NO MORE!

Family Christian and Destiny Rescue are teaming up to take a stand to end human trafficking.  The Challenge begins November 22. By shopping with them through November 30th, you’ll help rescue those enslaved in the sex trade and keep them safe. Our goal is to help our partner, Destiny Rescue, start their program in the Dominican Republic, a country that desperately needs their efforts.



Will you take a stand with Family Christian, Destiny Rescue and me and shop or donate to the cause?  To find out more about The Challenge and how you can make a difference in the vicious cycle of human trafficking and to join the fight all you have to do is click on the word Family Christian, Destiny Rescue or donate anywhere within this post.  Remember shop between November 22-30,2014 at Family Christian in-store or online.  The earnings from your purchases will go to support The Challenge.  Donate, please consider donating a specific amount.  The employees and spokespersons involved in The Challenge have already raised over $32,000.  We are challenging you to keep it going!   So don’t delay stop by the Family Christian website and check out all The Challenge particulars and pray about what your involvement could be in this cause. I hope you’ll join me for this awesome cause.  I already have my shopping list prepared to purchase online to support The Challenge.  How about you?  Don’t you have something on your list you’ve been waiting to buy for that special someone?  Why not now?  Why not you?

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I was supplied with all graphics by Family Christian none of the images are my own. 


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