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The Inner Guide 2015 Planner – A 12-Month Journey To A Fulfilling Year Review and Giveaway

I was given the opportunity to try out a few new planners for 2015 and The Inner Guide 2015 Planner is one of them.


515dWRVQinL._SY355_Inner Guide LLC sent me not one but two planners.  So you know what that means!  I get to give one away.  So if you are looking for a planner for 2015 stay tuned, trust me you’ll want to read on.

I was totally caught off guard when I unboxed this planner.  This is not your everyday planner this is the top of line with all the bells, whistles, etc.  As the title suggest it is a journey through 2015.  The InnerGuide 2015 Planner: A 12-Month Journey to a Fulfilling Year.  This is a new planner that combines elements of life coaching, personal development workshops, time management and a positive focus into one year-long journey.  But don’t feel overwhelmed.  The InnerGuide does not leave you on your own.  At the front of the planner in the preface The InnerGuide lets you know right away that on this journey you will not be alone.  They are inviting you to use your planner as a map that will assist you in creating a path for your walk in 2015 and they’ve provided all the tools within the pages of this planner.  This is not just a planner but a journey.


The InnerGuide is here to be your accountability partner, to support you and help you discover yourself.  A planner to inspire me to stay on track with my vision, not the vision of some planning company or individual.  But my vision so I can experience freedom and live more productively.  Within the pages of the InnerGuide there are nine guides for living.  The nine guides are there to help you experience truth and awareness in the present moment so you can make the necessary changes in your life.  I won’t share each of the nine guides here because that would be giving too much away.  I loved the accountability one especially how they shared that what we think and do in the present shapes our future.  I have been counting 1,000 gifts along with Ann Voskamp and quiet a few others so this is important to me.

Next within the InnerGuide planner you come to a page of questions for Self-Discovery.  These questions are here to help you reflect on you and the path your life is headed for 2015. To help you discover your dreams, goals and truths.  The InnerGuide encourages us to explore who we are, right now and where we want to go and then set inner and outer goals based on our self-discovery.  The next page within the planner is The Journey creating the life you desire begins now.  Implementing what you discovered.  There are pages for inner goals, outer goals, and your ideal life.  What a great way to map out your life based on goals and dreams.  There are goal-setting tip pages that help you stay focused and not go overboard.  There is also a yearly planning chart for different areas of each of our lives.


One thing that really sets this planner apart from the others on the market is the fact that it helps you think reflectively.  These are your goals, your discoveries, your dreams and you are implementing them.  It is not some companies motto or agenda or some individuals goals you are trying to force into your life.  They are your own.  Basically this is a journey of self-discovery and tailoring your planning needs into the discoveries you’ve found in your InnerGuide journey.

The only draw back that I found to the InnerGuide was that it needs a sturdier cover.  Maybe a plastic first page to cover and protect the title page.  My front cover got pretty tattered in the 30 days that I used the product.  Other than that I loved the planner and would recommend it to first time planners and veteran planners alike.

Now the fun part. InnerGuide sent me two planners for 2015.  They’ve authorized me to give one away to some lucky reader.  I tried the rafter cop giveaways but they didn’t work so lets just go back to the easy way.  Visit InnerGuide by clicking on their name anywhere within the blog post and share here in the comments the one aspect of the InnerGuide 2015 Planner that you find the most helpful to your life right now for one entry.  Visit InnerGuide’s facebook page or twitter page and follow them and then leave me a comment here with your Facebook or Twitter handle for another entry.  Share this review on your blog, facebook, twitter or pinterest for another entry (don’t’ forget to come back here and leave me the link).  Good Luck.  The contest will run until December 29, 2014.

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  1. I used my first ever planner ever since June and found that it was very good for me along with a journal, Theresa

  2. Don’t know how to let u know about facebook but I did go and read there’s and like the planer.

  3. Wow! Such an amazing partnership the authors of this planner have! Their story is amazing and very inspirational. I am sure that this planner will help anyone fulfill their year and transform their lives.

  4. The aspect of the planner I find that would be most helpful is the accountability factor. The layout looks like it allows you to reflect on your plans and goals instead of just making them. Which is what I need, as it’s easy to make goals, but not so easy to reflect on how you are pursuing them.

  5. following on facebook –

  6. tweeted!

  7. Liked. Followed. Tweeted (candised) about the review and very interested in recommending product to my clients. Would love a hands on trial. Seems to be precisely what I was looking for.

  8. Would love to try this out to potentially recommend to my clients.

  9. Ahh I wanted to win but apparently the contest was last year! hahaha I’ve been researching 2016 planners and reading reviews all day! Thanks for the review! 🙂

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