Posted by: hugapoohlouise | December 20, 2014

Week Eight Chapter Eight: Joy of Every Longing Heart

Week Eight Chapter Eight: Joy of Every Longing Heart

Read Luke 2:36-40
Just as Anna “turned her loneliness into ‘aloneness’ with God,” we all have seasons when we’re on our own and could use that solitude to deepen our relationship with God. Even those of us who share our lives with others have a few moments entirely to ourselves. How do you spend that time? What portion would you consider giving solely to God and how might you do so?

How did Anna’s faithfulness in the temple, constantly praying and fasting, strike you? How might a modern woman follow her example? Could you serve in some new way at your church? Add more prayer time to your calendar? Explore the spiritual discipline of fasting?

In what ways might God be asking you to dwell more closely with Him in the year ahead?

Is there something you learned about Elizabeth, Mary or Anna in this study that would inspire you to be a role model for others? What did you take away from the study that you will apply to your own life?

Think of the women you know well. Is there an Elizabeth among them? A Mary? Anna? This holy season why not reach out to those women and tell them how they serve as role models to you? Even a personal note in a Christmas card might encourage them. Then take a moment to write a note to  yourself regarding each of our Women of Christmas:

“I am most like__________________ because_____________________.”
“I learned the most from _____________________ because_______________.”
“I’d love to be more like _____________________because___________________.”
Thank you for sharing this time with Melissa and I through the Advent season, investing your time in studying God’s Word. May it bear much fruit this season  and always! Merry Christmas and God bless.


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