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Diadem Planners – Weekly Planner and Journal Review

New Year, new planner that is how my life goes.  Starting in about October I start looking for that perfect planner each year.  Since I’ve been blogging product reviews, I start contacting the companies to see about reviewing the products for my readers.  I know you’ve come to respect the reviews that you read on Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings and I am so very thankful for your reading.  Each product that I review comes with the same promise that I will use it faithfully for 30 days and then I will write my objective review.  I do not pay for products so as to bias my review.  If you have a special product you’ve been waiting to see more of before you buy please feel free to contact me or Dawn and we will see what we can do.


Diadem planners sent me a book bound Weekly Planner and Journal to review.  I was so excited when I found Diadem Planners on the internet and Facebook as I love to journal and I have yet to find a planner that allows me room to journal.  I write huge.  I like the large cursive writing and all the loop de do’s if that is a word.  So I need space.  I need lots of it or I can not journal.

Diadem Planners
You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand

of the Lord, and a royal diadem

in the hand of your God. Isaiah 62:3

Diadem Planners rose out of the need of a mother just like you and me who desired a planner that would help her do life and do it better.  A mother who struggled to find away to control her time and be a better steward of the time God gave her each day.  A mother who longed to serve her family in the most efficient way that honored and glorified God.  So two mom’s got together with their business background and family support and created the planner I am reviewing for you today.

Diadem Planners was started by two moms whose mission is for each person who uses their planners to daily walk in the joy and confidence of your very own identity in Christ.

Diadem Planners – Weekly Planner and Journal are book bound.  I usually am more of a loose-leaf person as I like to move my pages around and organize them to meet my needs, but Diadem is planning on releasing a loose-leaf or hole punched version soon and they’ve graciously agreed to let me review it too!  I am so excited, can you tell?


Each the Weekly Planner and Journal is only a 6 month version.  Diadem Planners calls it a 6 month prebound planner.  Each planner contains weekly devotional pages for you to continue your spiritual journey of truly knowing God with your mind and heart.  I love how Diadem used their desire for daily time with the Lord  and incorporated it into their planner what an awesome mission.    On each devotion page there is a line that says “Most Important”  This is a special place where we as mothers can share our most important goal or most important accomplishment today.  I don’t know about you but when I stayed at home with my little one’s and homeschooled one day just ran into the next and I was getting to the point where I was checking off things on my to-do list instead of really savoring the moments and cherishing them and storing them in Heaven.  I rarely noticed I was too detail oriented.  Been there done that.  I like the “Most Important” line it helps me even today as I work outside my home to remember to focus on the eternal perspective not zone out and let it pass me by.  Even when I don’t have something written on that line at the end of the day in my prayer time the Lord always brings to my remembrance some grace or some moment that He allowed to change my life to reflect Him more.   So I would have to say this is my absolutely favorite part of the Diadem Planner.

 The next section that I am in love with is the “Tell of His Greatness”.  I have been trying to be more grateful.  I am keeping a gratitude or blessing journal in 2015 and this section is a constant reminder to me to proclaim God’s praises daily to all I come into contact with.  I maybe the only Jesus they ever see and I don’t want to disappoint my Heavenly Father.


Diadem Planners can be found online at Etsy and Facebook and you can also check out one of the founders Kathryn Ritchie’s website by clicking here now.  You can contact them at adiademplanners at gmail dot com.  I know they would love to hear from you my readers and be sure to tell them Melissa of Melissa’s and Dawn’s Musings sent you.

Also contained in the Weekly Planner and Journal is a page for every month of the year.  These pages are blank so you can start using your planner as soon as you receive it.  No matter the month.  Each monthly page contains a notes and special date section for you to record things you can’t forget.  Next is the Weekly Schedule page that starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.  It too is undated so you can start using it at anytime after you purchase or if you skip a week it won’t matter you can pick up right where you left off.  There is a note section on the bottom of the right hand page for notes you don’t want to forget.  Next we have the Weekly Menu page and the Money Spending pages.  Then you have the Weekly Cleaning and To-Do List pages.  Then you get to the devotional pages I mentioned above.  And  you start all over again with the Weekly Pages.

I was not disappointed with the Diadem Planners as you can see from my review above, the only thing I would change is that it would loose-leaf and not prebound to fit better into my lifestyle but this is a personal preference.  I hope you will give them a try as you continue your planning journey.

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  1. I am going to check it out! 😉

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