Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 11, 2015

Happy Birthday to my oldest child… Happy Birthday to You!

This weeks marks my oldest daughters birthday.  She is turning 14 years old this week and we are celebrating her life.  We are celebrating the blessing she has been to us straight from the Lord.  We are celebrating that she is a Child of God.

Happy 14th Birthday, dear Savannah.  I pray that you have a blessed day.  Your birthday this year falls on Sunday.  What an honor and privilege to be able to spend the day of your birth in God’s house with God’s people.  A true celebration.  I am so thankful for you.  You almost weren’t.  Your mother who was living in sin chose not to have children.  Why you may ask?  Because I was selfish and filled with the flesh.  I didn’t want to share, I didn’t want to take care of another person and I definitely didn’t want to be a mother.  I saw what motherhood looked like in my own mother and friends and it was not a desire I had.  Until…..I met your dad and because of the Lord of His life Jesus Christ, I was persuaded.  I became a believer.  I accepted that I was a sinner and selfish and I knew there was nothing I could do to save my life, so I met Jesus… Thank God, right?  After, I met Jesus, I realized that I God had created me with a deep-seated desire to be a mother.  So I surrendered to Jesus and you were conceived.  But before you were conceived in my womb, God molded you, shaped you and planned your life.  He blessed me and your dad with you.  And what a blessing you have been to us.

You were such a blessing that not long after your birth, I longed for more children.  I wanted a whole house full.  Yep, that’s why you have two sisters.  You would have had more but it wasn’t in God’s plan for my life.  You were wise beyond your years the minute you were born.  You’ve always had wise eyes my child.  You listen with your soul not just your ears and you are tender-hearted and it is my prayer that your heart never becomes hard against anything but sin.

So I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday today and I pray that all your hopes, dreams come true as you get one year older this week.  I pray that you will seek Him first for all your decisions and I pray that His Word will be the guide for your feet.

Love Mom


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