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Mission Accomplished by Scott James

Mission Accomplished by Scott James

mission-192x300A Two-Week Family Easter Devotional

 What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Easter?  In my mind I think of the Ultimate Sacrifice by  Jesus Christ on the Cross, I think of Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, families gathering together in church and later for a meal at home.  If you are like me most Lent or Easter devotionals are too much for a family.

I am already running in 6 million directions, being a Child of God, Wife, Mother, Employee, HOW can I add one more thing to my life without it crumbling to the ground.  But, then the guilt sets in…. I should be teaching my children more about Easter, Christ, Lent, etc.  But how?

I have a solution for you.  Mission Accomplished by Scott James.  A devotional the whole family can do without added hours of study to your already busy schedule.  I recommend it to anyone.  A large family, a small family, and it works well with children of any ages.

The simplicity of the design of Mission Accomplished carries over into you life as you read.  Creating peace instead of chaos.  It is so simply that anyone can use it.  It is set to begin on Palm Sunday and carry through for two-weeks.  Each day is a separate devotional.  Another thing that I really liked about this book was the illustrations.  So powerful and simple at the same time.  They really cause you to see the message being conveyed.

Don’t let the simplicity or smallness of this book fool you.  It is power packed with the Good News.  The goal of these devotions is to help you lead your family on Jesus’ last days on earth understand the powerful news of his death, resurrection and ascension.  You’ll spend two-weeks walking with Jesus as he finishes the mission given to Him by God the Father.

For each of the fourteen devotions you can use your Bible and the book as a model for family worship.  Each devotion includes a Bible passage to read together, notes to help you dissect the passage with your children, think about it questions and answers to guide you in your discussion.  There are suggestions for prayer and each devotion could take you between ten and twenty minutes depending on how deep you want to go.  You can gauge this by your children’s reaction, are they bored?  Are they excited?  Feed My sheep.

 Don’t worry about whether you are doing it the right way the author shares in the introduction that worship looks different in each different house.  Focus on engaging your family in the most important truths from God’s own Word.

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DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL PROVIDED:  I received a copy of this promotion from New Growth Press for promotional purposes.  I was not compensated for this review, nor was I required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.  So please enjoy.  This post contains NO affiliate links. 


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