Posted by: hugapoohlouise | April 23, 2015

Happy Birthday – Madison! Showering you with love

Well, today my middle baby turns 12 years old.  Wow, where did the time go.  But honestly, I have to say I enjoyed every second, minute, hour and day with you.  Your my middle child, you are the one who reminds me of the injustice in the world, you are the one who keeps me towing the line, because if I slip your there with your huge blue eyes looking into mine.  You remind me that I hold a piece of your heart within me, but I only have a few years to hold your hand and then I have to let go.  Let go of this child of mine and let you out into this corrupt, evil world.  You remind me how important it is to lay a good foundation.  The foundation that begins and ends with Jesus Christ our Savior.  Without it, my child, I would have failed to point your to the cross and all that Jesus did for you before you were born.

I love you with all my heart, love so deep that sometimes it hurts, I know you understand what I mean as you have the tenderest heart of any child I’ve met in my vapor of a life.  I pray that you’ll look to the Lord and Jesus when your heart is hurt, I pray that you’ll look to His Word when the world has let you down or those you love have.  There was only one perfect that walked this earth and that is Jesus, so yes my child you will have pain, heartache, suffering and trials, but you are not alone.  He is with you at all times, sometimes mommie and daddie can’t be there, but Jesus is, one breath a way from you.  Call on His name, cry out to Him, He has promised to hear and answer you.

I hope you had the best birthday ever and we celebrated the day that God entrusted us with such a precious gift.  I’ve failed, your dad has failed and I am sure there are others who have failed you.  But, child of God, He will never fail you.  I pray that you remain faithful as your days turn into years and I pray that you draw closer to God each and every second.

Me and your dad love you to pieces, Happy Birthday, Madison

Until Next Time,



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