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Devotionals For A Healthier You – Review and Giveaway!

book-cover-devotional-3dAs we enter Spring and Summer here in the world, I find that healthy living is on my mind more than during the winter months when I would rather be hibernating.  How about you?  I finally found a devotional that has healthy living within its pages BUT, that’s not all… It is a devotional too that feeds the Mind, Body and Soul.  So I can take my journey to healthy living to the next level that includes balancing my life in all areas that are important to my walk with the Lord.

I don’t know about you, but as a mom, I want to be able to do it all – For God, For Family, For Friends, etc.  But doing it all comes with a price tag, I know I’ve suffered an amazing cost.  I tried to do it all, but by doing it all in my own strength something had to give or be used up and it was my health.  After having three children in four years, being the caretaker to my ill mother, Sunday school, children’s church, vacation Bible school and not to mention the doctor’s visits for everyone else.  My body suffered and not for the glory of God.  I gained weight, I ate unhealthy, I lived to gratify the flesh and it showed.  Boy oh Boy did it show.  I was in Wal-Mart one day to buy shoes for my middle child whose feet grow an inch a week.  You know those mirrors they have at Wal-Mart where you can see the new shoes you are trying on before you buy?  Well I found myself in front of one, you see I normally avoid mirrors and cameras, why?  They reflect an image back at me that I do not like nor do I recognize.  So anyways the mirror found me and I looked deep inside and I saw what I had allowed myself to become and I was appalled. I looked horrible.  I needed help.  I knew this was not going to be a journey I could take alone.  I need to the God of the Universe and guess what?  As I cried out to Him in Wal-Mart He was there and He helped me once again to get back up and one the right track.

Devotions For A Healthier You by Katie Farrell came two days later in the mail from The Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc., to review.  What amazing timing.  Thank You, Lord for being an on-time God, One who cares for me, even when I am not caring for myself.  Don’t let the title fool you.  This is not just a devotional book.  It is a book is based on feeding the mind, body and soul.  It brings you into balance regarding food, faith and fitness.  It reminds us that it’s not all about us.  I love how the author, Katie Farrell, who is also the creator of Dashing Dish, uses faith in relation to healthy living.  I did not know how closely related the two were until I began reading Katie’s book.  As a side note here there is a free study guide that you can download at Katie’s website Dashing Dish to go along with your book, hint:  I am giving away a copy.

The book is just the right size.  You can carry it in your purse, your Bible study bag, Gym tote anywhere.  Also, did I mention that it is gorgeous.  It alone catches more people’s eyes.  They ask me about it all the time.  The book also includes meal plan and recipes.  Now I needed that as a busy person sometimes I choose the wrong route when it comes to feeding my family healthy.  Do you?

You can’t go wrong with this book as it helps us take our focus off self and returns it the balance that the Lord has intended.  If you are struggling like I was to do it all, but trying to do it in your own strength then keep reading because I am giving away a copy of Devotions For A Healthier You by Katie Farrell, courtesy of The Blythe Daniel Agency, Inc.  To win your very own copy just complete the following:


 1.  Visit Dashing Dish (which is Katie Farrell’s website)

Look around and find one recipe you would like to try,

return here and leave a comment sharing it with our readers. (One Entry).

2.  Share the recipe above on Facebook but tag me, MelissaWaters522. (One Entry)

3.  Tweet your recipe on Twitter but include me in the tweet MelissaWaters15 (One Entry)

4.  Leave a comment on the blog with your favorite workout. (One Entry)

The contest ends on May 16th, 2015 at Midnight, Eastern Standard Time.  So what are you waiting for get clicking.

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  1. The recipe I would like to try is .. with grilling season upon us, it looks yummy!

    • Amy:
      Thank you so much for responding. That does sound good, the recipe that is. Good luck.

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