Posted by: hugapoohlouise | May 29, 2015

When the phone rings at the crack of dawn….

When the phone rings before the sun rises in the morning my blood always runs cold.  How about you?  You know the feeling that something could be wrong and then your mind races with all the possibilities.  Yep.  That one.

This morning my phone rang before the sun peeked over the horizon.  I was up spending time in God’s Word.  But the phone scared me!  As I jumped up to answer it before anyone else in the house heard it and woke up, a million not so pleasant thoughts were running through my brain.  What if….?  What if…?

I answered the phone rather out of breath and listened while my heart sank lower in my chest than I like it to be.  The familiar voice on the other end did little to put my mind and heart at ease.

It was my uncle.  He said that he had been receiving phone calls from my dad all morning and when he picked up the phone all he heard was breathing.  Oh No!  My mind took off in that direction now that it had something to focus on.

I threw on some clothes and headed out the door to check on my elderly father.  As you can probably tell, I am use to these type of phone calls.  NOT.  For many years I slept fully clothed when my mother was ill.  So at the drop of a hat I could be out the door and down to her house to help.  My mother as a result of her terminal illness suffered anxiety attacks, the phone rang quite regularly.

I am not as use to getting phone calls about my dad.  He is elderly, but he is doing great for his age, but when the phone rings you answer it right.  No matter, who or what is on the other end.

As I was getting myself out the door I looked up!  Yep, looked up and cried out to the only one I knew to cry out too.  Lord, I need you.  I need you now!  Were the words that filled my mind and my heart.  No sooner did these words cross the threshold of my heart and mind, then the peace that passes all understanding flooded my heart, mind and soul.  I felt the Father of the Universe wrap His loving arms around me, little ole’ me.  He lifted me up, up above the shadows.  Thank God.

When I arrived next door at my dad’s house, I was greeted at the door with his smiling face.  Another thank God went heavenward.  Apparently, my dad’s cell phone had fallen into the bath water and was not operating properly.  And again another thank God.

So all is well.  I am so thankful.  One that I live next door and can be at my dad’s house in an instant as we say in the south.  I am so thankful that other’s care about my dad and put him first in their life.  I am so thankful that it was only a piece of equipment that can be replaced.

Until Next Time,



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