Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 11, 2015

An Apology… I am So Sorry….

I owe everyone who has ever read this blog or who has personally come in to contact with me an apology.  So please read on for your personal, public apology from Melissa of Melissa’s Musings.


I am truly sorry, I have failed you personally as a disciple of Christ.  For that I am publically apologizing to each of you here on my blog.  As a child of God, one called out of darkness into light, I have failed to fulfill the calling placed on my life  from the moment I accepted Christ as my personal Savior and Lord of my Life.  My life was no longer my own to do with as I pleased, it had been bought with a very precious price, the blood of Jesus Christ!  I surrendered my life, my wishes, my dreams all of it to the Lordship of Christ and He gave me an abundant life in exchange for my old, dead, tired life, He instilled in my heart of stone His will, His Love and turned my heart into a burning desire for Him.  He flooded my life with dreams that were impossible.  In short, I exchanged it all for something better.  I digress I am sorry…. I failed.

When the Lord Jesus came to live in my heart and be Lord of my life I was asked to glorify Him and His Father, God.  After 14 or more so years, I’ve grown complacent and I need to apologize for my complacency. I grew comfortable instead of challenging myself to step our of my comfort zone on a regular basis.  The Lord Jesus Christ has called with me to “GO” share the gospel with others.  Now for me this was not to go to some foreign country, it was not to leave my home.  It was to reach out to those around me who had never personally met Jesus Christ.  It was to live a life fully surrendered and sold out to Christ each and everyday for all those watching.  Basically, walking the walking and talking the talk just as Jesus did when He walked this earth.  No in this apology I am in no way saying I am Christ.  It is my desire to be Christ-like.  But there was only one who is Christ and He has risen and is at the right hand of God.  I stopped trying to reach out to the lost, dying souls that came across my path daily.  I don’t know why I am have no answer other than I thought I would do it tomorrow.  Never put off what you can do today for tomorrow, because NO ONE is promised a tomorrow.  Especially, when it comes to making a choice about your salvation.  Choose today, choose well eternity depends on it.  I failed and grew comfortable and stopped going out as I was called and sharing Christ in action, word and for that I am sorry.

I owe a special apology here to my brother who just passed away.  I am so sorry I did not try harder to share my story with you about Jesus.  I am sorry I did not pray for you more.  I am sorry that I didn’t love you enough to press on until the end.  I am so sorry, your sister M.

Another thing that I need to apologize for is that I’ve turned the other cheek one too many times.  When faced with adversity, or teachings against the Bible, The Word of God, when choices had to be made that were hard, etc.  I failed to seek the truth and nothing but the truth to help me decide.  Instead of going to God in His Word, prayer and devotion, I made a decision based on my heart.  Which we know the heart is wicked.  It will lead us astray and I am afraid to admit I let mine.  I am sorry again.  This apology is more to my Savior, My Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.  I failed you and I am so sorry.  When I saw your Word being perverted, when I saw truth being sacrificed for so-called “love” I should have stood firm and did what those did before me, but I didn’t.  I gave in to the world view instead of upholding the Biblical view.  Please forgive me, Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father.

When I’ve allowed worldly views, peer pressure, media or whatever to choke out the truth (there is only one truth and that is the Word of God in my life and yours too if you are a child of God whose Lord is Jesus Christ) in my own life I’ve failed.  We can just look around and see the conditions of our selves, and our neighbors, yes those who live right next door to us (that we’ve failed to share Jesus with) and those in our communities, schools, jobs and even in our own churches to see how deceived everything is.  Then when you go out further and look at your county, your state, your country it gets even scarier.  People that you must walk alongside on this earth have changed into rainbows and scream “Love Won”.  Babies are killed more numerous than the Nazi concentration camp murders in our country daily and our proud American people fund it, support it and most of all condone it.  Blood has stained our land and the stench is rising to my Heavenly Father’s nostril and it is NOT a sweet-smelling aroma.  I am not here to judge, that job has been given to God’s own Son Jesus.  I am here to live out the whole word of God daily.  I have a calling that has come from my Heavenly Father and you can read all about it within the pages of His Word.  I must warn  you if you truly read it with your heart open, your eyes open expecting to receive something and ready to give up all that you are in this world, you WILL be changed.  If you allow Christ to be Lord of your life You will be changed, just a warning here.  The Word of God will speak for itself and it is like looking into a mirror that reveals the hidden sins of the heart, don’t walk away let the Word of God change you into what you’ve been created to be.  I am not here to condemn, that is Jesus job.  I am here to share the truth, the only truth that will save your life with you.

I have failed the One and only Jesus Christ who willingly gave His life for me at Calvary.  I failed miserably, because my physical makeup is of flesh and bones.  Lord Jesus forgive me and give me understanding according to Your Word, send me, prepare me and equip me for battle.  The battle for souls of my friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, etc.  I am yours, bought with a precious price.

I pray that as you’ve read the words above that you will accept my apology.  I promise to let Your Light shine, Lord Jesus in my life moment by moment, I promise to live for You until You return, I promise to strive to fulfill the calling on my life that You placed there.  I need You more and more as the dark days arrive that you spoke about in Your Word, I can only imagine how those one’s are that don’t know You.  Send me to them Lord. Let my life be a living testimony to You and Your ultimate gift of life and love.

P.S.  I have a secret for all you, in the end love does win.  Not the love that the world is spreading around today that is love one minute and then the next it ends in divorce it is not same-sex marriage love, it is true love that lays down its life for you so you may live and live abundantly.

Until Next Time,


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