Posted by: hugapoohlouise | July 27, 2015

Tattered and Mended by Cynthia Ruchti Book Review

The Lord’s Word proclaims beauty from ashes.  Artists reclaim original masterpieces from the elements.  But what about our lives that lie here shattered, broken, frayed, hopeless?  Can we be tattered and mended?  To find out read Tattered and Mended by Cynthia Ruchti.  Tattered and Mended – The Art of Healing the Wounded Soul is published by Abingdon Press and I am reviewing for Litfuse Publicity Group.


Tattered and Mended is the second book that I’ve read by Cynthia Ruchti.  You can read my first review of her book here on my blog.  I’ll wait for you if you want to pop over there and read that review.  All set?  I had a hard time getting into this book, I know I’ve read other reviewers who say this book ministered to them right from the very first page, but not me.  I didn’t give up though I persevered and kept reading hoping as each page passed that I would be drawn into the story the author was weaving through the pages.  I am sad to say I did not every get caught up in the story, I felt like through the whole book that something was missing.  It didn’t feel put together right so the reader was left in dark wondering what it was.

Tattered and Mended story is about how art that is considered damaged beyond repair is mended and how that parallel’s with our lives.  Our souls get battered and bruised as we walk in this world that is not our home.  What about us?  Can we be fixed?  How about all the scars and broken places that are hidden underneath our skin?  Can these be mended?  In Tattered and Mended Cynthia Ruchti shares this with us.  I don’t want to give the answer away otherwise you will never read the book.  I will tell you in this book Cynthia Ruchti gives you an invitation to view soul-mending as a divine art form.  I think this book would really appeal to someone who likes art, is an artist or is seeking to become an artist.  Also, this book would be great for someone who sews.  Someone who understand the concept of art and sewing I think this book would come alive in your hands.

Overall, the book has a great story line and for someone who is artsy I am sure that it would be easier to understand and not so broken in places.  But I have no art background nor can I sew, I found this book lacking.  I know from reading another book by the same author that it is not her writing style so it must be something else.  Either I was lacking because of the language spoken that relates to art or sewing or the author was in hurry when this book was written.  But, I challenge you to read it for yourself and let me know what you think.

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