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Action Day Academic Planner Review

Are you ready to go back to school?  How about your family?  Or is your house like mine was earlier this month a state of chaos.  Backpacks, notebooks, shoes, pencils everywhere….

Have I got a new review for you that will help you go back to school and be organized.  It has helped me and my family finally have some back to school peace.  I am talking about Action Day Academic Planner.  It is designed for action.  It has become my school and kids command center.  I have my own personal planner for me, and I have one for work too.  But I was struggling in the area of managing my three girls schedules.  If you have kids you know what I mean.  One has this and the other has that and they are on totally opposite ends of the state of Florida.  This appointment and that appointment and this assignment and that assignment.  The list gets very long.  So I needed a little help and I turned to Action Day Academic Planner.  This planner is for the 2015 – 2016 school year.  Well, it actually runs a little bit longer than most school years.  July 2015 to June 201



I know right?  What an awesome planner.  And I am speaking to my planner friends who can relate to the obsession of planners.  It has a diary section.  Which works perfect for me and my large handwriting.  I was able to fit all I needed to in this section.  I actually used this section to keep track of all the daily duties that would be required of me and the girls.  Appointments, practice, games, lessons, homework, tests, quizzes, etc.  I kinda used a bullet journal format here and filled in the square when the activity was complete.

The next section is the tasks to execute and I used this section for:  I used to keep a list of everything from each of my girls schedule and mine combined.  Kind of like a master list so I could see all that was going on and who was where with whom, etc.  Again plenty of space to write in for me and I used a color coded scheme one color for each girls.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the paper in my Action Day Planner.  No bleed through with gel pens.  Yes, that is a must as a planner nerd.

The next section is for goals and projects and I used it to keep track of research papers, projects for school, book reports, etc. I will also use it for testing and exams as they draw closer in this school year.

The last section is delegation and teamwork section.   I struggled with this section at first then I decided to use it for listing the items that we would need to take with us to each practice, lesson, appointment, etc.  Due dates for library books, medicine and sport physicals and all that kind of stuff and it works great.  Again plenty of room to write and it doesn’t smear.

I was not disappointed in this spiral planner. I absolutely loved that it has the band to hold it closed as I like to overstuff all my planners.  I loved that the spirals were coated so they did not catch on clothing or other items.  I like that it lays open flat or you can fold it completely in half to use the front or back as a desk.



planner-feature5And last but by all means not least a pen loop.  What planner could be used without a pen?  None.  This loop keeps your pen handy at all times even when the planner is at the bottom of your purse.  Oh, and this planner held up to our families test of being tossed in my purse, floorboard and all over.  It is still in great shape even after 30 days of abuse.

To check out action day planners just click on their name anywhere within this post.  But don’t just look at their planners, check out their other items as well.  I’ve been drooling over their notebooks that are book bound.  Maybe they will send me one of those to review, I have just the right thing to use it for too.  SO stay tuned…

Want your very own copy of Action Day Planner?  Then don’t delay enter today.  Just visit and tell me what planner you want?  Be specific tell me the color, the binding, the start date and once you’ve gathered all that come back to this blog post and leave a comment.  We will pick a winner on Labor Day weekend specifically that Monday.  So what are you waiting for my planner friends.  A free planner of your choice.

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  1. I love the 6×8 spiral bound weekly planner. It looks like the perfect size! I think black goes with everything and I’m not sure about the start date. Anytime is fine with me but I’d love for it to start ASAP so I can play with it 😀

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