Posted by: hugapoohlouise | September 3, 2015

PortaPocket by Undercover Solutions, LLC Review

As a newbie in the running arena, I’ve stumbled upon a few things that would make any runners life easier.  One of those such items is PortaPocket by Undercover Solutions, LLCPortaPockets are simple, handy, comfy and they actually work.  I shared a while back about the accessory I was sent to use while running to protect my cellphone and how it did not fit.

So Kendra saw the post and reached out to me with a solution.  Her PortaPocket.  I received one PortaPocket in exchange for an honest review.

PortaPocket_Combo_Kit_-_black_L_largeAs I shared above I began running a little over a year ago and one of the struggles I’ve faced is keeping my cellphone safe, dry and not bouncing as I am running.  This has been a huge challenge for me.  I’ve tried fanny packs, other cellphone holders and none of them worked.  Either they were too bulky and bounced or my Note3 did not fit and I could not use.  Until I received my first PortaPocket.  My Samsung Note3 actually fits into the XL PortaPocket.  I can not use the velcro closure at the top though.  My phone with my OtterBox is just too big.  But I made it work in order to use it for 30 days to be able to write a review.

Shown in the picture above is the PortaPocket.  One thing I want to make you aware of when you go to the PortaPocket website by clicking on the name anywhere within this post is if you order make sure that you order the combo package that includes the strap.  Don’t just get the PortaPocket also get the method to secure it to your body.  I see on the website that you can purchase the pocket by itself, which is an awesome idea for a replacement, BUT you will need the strap.

I loved the PortaPocket, I just wish it came in colors, like maybe purple.  I ran with the PortaPocket attached to my waist with my Note3 pointing up since I could not close the top securely due to the size of my phone.  It does not bounce and it does not slip.  It is made out of poly coated neoprene which makes them very lightweight and comfy to wear.  I had no slippage while running nor did it ever come loose once I made sure that all the velcro was properly attached to each other.

XL_PortPocket_Pocket_largePictured above is the PortaPocket without the attaching strap.  There are two different attaching methods.  One for lighter weight items and then one for heavier items.  You can use your PortaPocket for activities other than exercise.  You can use it to conceal personal items when you are away from home.  I will be using my PortaPocket when we go see Winter at the Clearwater Aquarium. I will be using it to carry my debit card, driver’s license and a few other important documents.  I will have them handy and they will not be noticeable or accessible to thieves.

Another great feature of the PortaPocket is the fabric is sweat and water-resistant so you can use them confidently even if you
are on the beach etc. Keep in mind the pocket flap will not prevent the contents of your pockets from getting wet if you are IMMERSED in water as while swimming.  According to PortaPockets website they are working on a waterproof case so stay tuned for that.

I was very impressed with this product.  It has been through many miles of trails running with me.  It is still going strong.  I have washed my PortaPocket and air-dried as per the directions and the velcro is still holding during a 4 mile run.  My phone is still protected and I am still safe while I am away from home.

Thank you PortaPocket.

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