Posted by: hugapoohlouise | October 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad!



October 1st has always been a date that stood out in my mind from a very young age.  One because it was my earthly dad’s birthday and then after I started school it was also one of my best friends birthdays.  October 1st is still a special date in our lives.  I no longer live close to my best friend but it is still her special day.  My dad’s birthday’s care a little bit more meaning for him and us.

His birthday’s especially now that he is past 80 are ones that we make a big thing out of.  I celebrate each new day I am given with him by my Heavenly Father.  My dad celebrates that he can still get out of bed without help.  I pray each day for his salvation.  My dad prays each day that they won’t take his driver’s license away.  I pray that he will be alive when my girls graduate.  My dad wishes his aches and pains would go away.

We had a big celebration this year.  Twice in fact.  One with just my dad and my family.  We had homemade German Chocolate Cake and Root beer Floats.  My dad’s favorites.  We watched Emergency.  Not bad for a work night.  We will continue the celebration this Saturday too.

I promised my dad that I would not give his age away in this post all about him.  So I can’t tell you how old he is.  I am so thankful that the Lord gave me my dad and I am thankful for each new day He gives us.  I pray for the soul of my dad that he will see Jesus in my girls and will want to become His child.  I am thankful that my children have a relative from Pearl Harbor and they are interested in discovering the truth.

So I pray you have the best birthday ever, dad.

Until Next Time,



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