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Did you miss me?  I have been gone from Melissa’s Musings for a month today.  Wow, how time flies.  I assure you I did not do it intentionally, life just took a different direction and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and gather all my thoughts to post.

I’ve missed each one of you, my loyal subscribers who reached out to me to check on me.  My unique visitors that came for a specific purpose.  I apologize I wasn’t here to give you something new to read, but I can see you’ve been busy scouring the past posts. I am so glad you stopped by!

I mentioned in March that the sickness had hit our house and from what I’ve heard through the internet it hit a lot of homes more so than all the snow storms up north this year.  My middle daughter became sick on February 19 and was finally diagnosed with pneumonia in March.  So we had a whole month of sickness and doctor visits, x-rays, etc.

This little blog break allowed me to minister to my family and to catch up on reading, product review requests and reviewing some products.  I have to say my favorite part of the break was the extra Bible study that I was able to do.  Instead of starring at a blank screen I was able to stare at the Word of God more and let it flood my soul with His Words of truth.  Very nourishing. I highly recommend it.

I have a nourishing post that I will share a lot of the things that I gleaned from my time with the Lord.  So I won’t give away too much here in this post.  But I do want to share where I’ve been, with whom I’ve been and where I am going.

In February I finally took the plunge and started a bullet journal.  What is a bullet journal?  You can check out the original bullet journal here on this website that has tons of solid information and was a great starting point for me.  It wasn’t the website that actually made me take the plunge but it is still an awesome resource.

The Bullet Journal was started by Ryder Carroll.  But there are so many different bullet journalers now.  I visited the site over two years ago and watched the video and read some information but I was not hooked.  I didn’t become hooked until I read blog posts and different groups about bullet journaling and found all the different possibilities.  Still a skeptical (I guess that is why I do product reviews for my readers) I bought a composition book from the Dollar Tree to start because I honestly did not believe that this system would work for me.  I have reviewed or tried so many different planners and tools for time management, journaling, prayer, Bible study that I had exhausted most of the possibilities. So I gave bullet journaling a shot and I was hooked after doing it for one month.  I bought a different journal than my composition book, a hardcover one, I’ve been trying to find a fabric book cover that would fit it to protect it from me, but so far all attempts have failed in getting one made.  I digress…

What hooked me and kept me coming back for more in bullet journaling is all I need is one book, planner, journal and it meets all my needs.  I don’t have to have a prayer journal, a day planner, etc.  One book does it all.  One thing I feel is lacking in the bullet journal world is the lack of good quality printables.  I have huge, loopy hand writing and I find it unattractive.  I wish someone would make forms for the monthly calendars and functional days of the week and months for the dailies.  SO if you know someone please send them my way and if they can sew that would be even better so I can get my cover made.  I digress..

I will be sharing more about my bullet journal journey (say that three times fast) as I blog, but I am not sure about photos as I mentioned above my handwriting frightens me.  If you check out the bullet journal site and decide to give it a try drop me a line and I’d love to hear what works for you.

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