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I Don’t Wait Anymore by Grace Thornton Review and Giveaway!

I received this book to review and giveaway as part of The Blog Spot review program.  I received no compensation for writing this review nor was I required to write a favorable review.  All opinions are my own based on reading the book.  Enjoy!


How do you trust God?  Is your trust just words?  Or is alive, growing, and personal.  Grace Thornton asks a question along this line in her book “I Don’t Wait Anymore”.  Take some time and ponder your answer, because if you truly do not trust the Lord, then what is your relationship with Him?  I know it is hard to trust.  Believe me, I’ve been there.

My hopes and dreams have been smashed against the rocks of life many times.  Most all of us have experienced a loss or a devastation as we walk through this world.  We all have this preconceived idea of what life should be and we enter this world striving for it.  One foot in front of the other until one day that idea is shattered for whatever reason.  BUT, is that necessarily a bad thing?  You’ll have to read the book to discover the answer that Grace Thornton reveals on each page of “I Don’t Wait Anymore”.

As I began reading “I Don’t Wait Anymore” I found it hard to follow along, I don’t know if it was because the author jumped around from past to present or just how it was presented.  It took me a while to get accustomed to the author’s writing style.  Once we found our rhythm the book really touched home for me.  I am glad that I persevered.

This book much like my opening statement is about being brutally honest with yourself.  It requires you to analyze yourself in light of truth.  Sometimes when we look inward instead of outward we discover things about ourselves that we don’t like, but that gives us the opportunity to change them by the grace of God.  We find out where, what and how we’ve been placing our trust and for me it was not where I thought I had placed it.  I loved Grace Thornton’s honesty in each page.  She shares her innermost self with her readers and I am thankful she did because it helped me see where I had veered off the path in trusting God and to truly see what trusting Him means for me personally.  Don’t get derailed by the world and it’s version of what your life should look like.  Don’t get caught up waiting for this or that to happen.  We have to let go of our expectations and find His expectation for us personally.  So if you are ready to get brutally honest with yourself than I recommend this book for you and you are in for a treat as I will be giving a copy of this book to one person thanks to the publisher, Zondervan.

Even if you are not at the point in your life where you’ve suffered a disappointing set back in what you believe your life should be I still recommend reading “I Don’t Wait Anymore”. Who knows what the future holds only the God of the universe has been there already and I know this book was brought into my life for a reason and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.  The most important thing I took away from my reading of “I Don’t Wait Anymore” was being content with what the Lord has given me when He has given it to me.  I may not understand why I have what I have at any given moment but I trust in the fact that it is in my life because He allowed it and I am free to seek out the reasoning behind it.  I am free to glorify Him for it and to share it with others.

Now for the fun part, I am giving away one copy of “I Don’t Wait Anymore” by Grace Thornton.  To enter please follow these directions and one winner will be selected on June 11th.

  • One entry will be given for leaving a comment here on my blog post about why you would like to read this book.
  • One entry will be given if you share this review on your blog and comment with a link on this post.
  • One entry will be given for sharing this blog post and contest on Facebook or Twitter and comment here with the link to your post on Facebook and Twitter.

I wish each of you the best in this contest and I am can’t wait to read your responses.

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