Posted by: hugapoohlouise | April 13, 2017

Hello, stranger….

It seems the reoccurring theme of each blog post in the last year and a half has been me apologizing for my absence. No more. I operate on God’s time and if He gives me something to post, I post. After all, obedience brings blessings.

It has been a long time and so much has happened. I don’the even know where to start. My life dramatically changed last July. A phone call from my dad who was on vacation changed my life in the blink of an eye. My dad was 1,400 miles away and was very ill. He refused to seek medical attention away from home, so my brother was bringing him home. Needless to say my mind went into overdrive. When you only get part of the story because your dad hates doctor’s and anything medical, add in the fact that he is your dad and refuses to make you worry. It is a recipe for disaster and the enemy uses it to his advantage. For 20 hours my heart, soul and mind were in agony worrying about my dad. Prayers were said and requested.

Until finally, they pulled into the driveway and you got the full story, which really didn’t put your mind at ease.  So the next day we went to the emergency room to try to get answers.  Since I am only his daughter they usually don’t let me go to triage with him.  Until, they start asking questions and he doesn’t give the answers they need to hear.  Then they find me.  It only took me counting to 10 this time.  Once we had them informed of his history and symptoms and they hooked him up to monitors we had a fast trip to the back, no waiting in the waiting room for us.  Apparently, his heart rate was very, very high.

To make a long story short we ended up spending a long time in the hospital in the cardiac ward, my father was a very sick man who refused to admit it.  Once we got to the bottom of the diagnoses and started treatment it was a very scary.  We heard words like living will, advanced directives, life support, etc.  As I sat by each day unable to do anything for him and he steadily got worse, my prayers became more urgent.  When we were discharged it was mainly because he did not want to be there anymore.  He was not allowed to drive or do any strenuous activity.  Well, even though my dad was in his late 80’s he was an active person, he drove himself and cared for his mini farm.  He just could not comprehend why he wasn’t bouncing back as he called it.

After three more hospital stays that ended up being weeks at a time, we were told the dreaded words that no daughter wants to hear.  They basically gave him six months to live.  So in September I went out on medical leave from work to be his caretaker.  My uncle his brother came not long after and my dad’s step son was also a great help in caring for my dad.  We took one day at a time and prayed for more.

In December 2016, right before Christmas my father passed away.  He  passed into glory to be with His Savior that he just met in November.  Praise God he was able to meet Jesus while there was still breath in his lungs.

I don’t care what people, experts say that time heals all wounds.  That is not true.  Each day is a struggle.  After caring for someone so long that your whole entire life changes you just don’t know what to do next.  Do you pick up where you left off?  Do you start all over again?  Without your biggest fan on the sidelines cheering you on?  So I did the only thing I knew to do.  I sought the Lord.  I needed to know what His plan was for me.

The Lord was with me through it all, and I would not of made it without Him.  He showed me what to do and how to do it with the love of Jesus overflowing in my life.  I am still seeking the Lord and His will for my life.

I am committed to resume blogging as I know the Lord wants me to share Jesus on each and every page.  I am not committed to a certain number of blog posts per week, month or year.  I will post as God leads and I faithful follow.

I am so glad that each of my readers is along with me for the journey.

Until Next Time,






  1. You will never regret being a caregiver…when I told my cousin I would never forget my mother dying in my arms he said, “we are not suppose to forget” he said he realized that when his younger brother died when they were teenagers

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