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Hello June!

I can hardly believe that we are in June already, where has this year gone?  I feel like I’ve missed a few months, how about you?

My kids are out for summer vacation, they get out of school in early May and life takes a hectic turn or should I say more hectic.  I am so glad that homework, research papers, exams and early bedtimes are over, can I get an amen? I love summer as it stays light longer and we can log more outside hours.  This summer we are getting fit together as a family.  In my previous blog posts I share how I have been on journey to get healthy.  I started in June 2014 and currently I am less 40 pounds and counting.  So I guess there is less of me and more of my Heavenly Father. But the benefits are awesome.  I have more energy, stamina and for the first time in a long time life is more enjoyable. I know what your thinking how did I do it?

Well, I didn’t join a fancy gym.  I didn’t buy into the latest weight loss fad, I didn’t drink the shake or take the pill.  I did it the old fashioned way with what I had on hand at the time.  I got up off the sofa one day and started walking.  Walking and walking.  With each step that I took I had a vision of Forrest Gump in my head as he ran back and forth across America.  In the beginning this old body of mine could only last 10 minutes but I kept on pushing.  Then I worked up to 15 minutes a day and soon I was seeing 30 minutes a day and then I stopped looking at the minutes and paid attention to the ground I was covering.  The steps turned into miles and once I hit the four mile marker I started jogging.  I know right?  Who would of though since I have such a strong aversion to sweating.  Sweat I did in the good old Florida sunshine.  So I started over since I was now jogging, I did five, ten and then twenty and thirty minutes until I stopped counting the minutes and started counting the miles.  They add up fast.

I’ve had a few setbacks along the way with sickness and life in general got in the way.  But one thing I can tell you is that when I am not exercising I am not happy.  My stress level overcomes my attitude.  I don’t sleep as well and I am irritable.  When I exercise each day I sleep better and it improves my attitude and outlook on all things.  One thing that my exercise has really helped is my prayer life.  While I am walking or jogging or riding my bike I am praying.  Having a constant conversation with My Savior.  I can’t do it without Him and I give Him all the praise and glory for it.  He started me on this journey and He will see me through it.  I pray for everything and anything.  For His Will, my life, my family, friends and my church.  Anything that comes to mind I pray about and it has really helped draw me closer to Him.  You would be totally surprised how much you can say and seek for in a mile or even ten minutes.  Problems that were before me that appeared as tall as mountains are reduced to mole hills when you pray and seek Him.  What an awesome opportunity He has given me to reach out to Him in mind, body and spirit.

So this summer my blog maybe sparse, but you can find me walking, jogging or biking around the sunshine state mostly confined to 20 acres but I’ve come to know every inch of those 20 acres like I’ve come to know my Heavenly Father better.  I challenge you, get up off that sofa and out from that book, television or whatever is distracting you this summer and take that first step.  Believe me, it is not easy most days as your muscles ache and the cramps set in or as the sweat stings your eyes.  But one thing I know it is worth it.  I also challenge you to cry out to God,  lift your voice as you lift yourself to Him.  If you don’t know Him, I challenge you to meet Him and find out the truth that is just waiting for you to discover about Him.  Surrender to Him and make Him Lord.

I’d love to hear from you if you are taking your first step toward a healthy life or if you are taking that first step into God’s waiting arms.  Drop me a line and we can virtually walk together.

I am not a licensed fitness coach or physician I recommend you check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program first.  As your doctor know you and can give you medical advice I can not, nor do I claim too.

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I Don’t Wait Anymore by Grace Thornton Review and Giveaway!

I received this book to review and giveaway as part of The Blog Spot review program.  I received no compensation for writing this review nor was I required to write a favorable review.  All opinions are my own based on reading the book.  Enjoy!


How do you trust God?  Is your trust just words?  Or is alive, growing, and personal.  Grace Thornton asks a question along this line in her book “I Don’t Wait Anymore”.  Take some time and ponder your answer, because if you truly do not trust the Lord, then what is your relationship with Him?  I know it is hard to trust.  Believe me, I’ve been there.

My hopes and dreams have been smashed against the rocks of life many times.  Most all of us have experienced a loss or a devastation as we walk through this world.  We all have this preconceived idea of what life should be and we enter this world striving for it.  One foot in front of the other until one day that idea is shattered for whatever reason.  BUT, is that necessarily a bad thing?  You’ll have to read the book to discover the answer that Grace Thornton reveals on each page of “I Don’t Wait Anymore”.

As I began reading “I Don’t Wait Anymore” I found it hard to follow along, I don’t know if it was because the author jumped around from past to present or just how it was presented.  It took me a while to get accustomed to the author’s writing style.  Once we found our rhythm the book really touched home for me.  I am glad that I persevered.

This book much like my opening statement is about being brutally honest with yourself.  It requires you to analyze yourself in light of truth.  Sometimes when we look inward instead of outward we discover things about ourselves that we don’t like, but that gives us the opportunity to change them by the grace of God.  We find out where, what and how we’ve been placing our trust and for me it was not where I thought I had placed it.  I loved Grace Thornton’s honesty in each page.  She shares her innermost self with her readers and I am thankful she did because it helped me see where I had veered off the path in trusting God and to truly see what trusting Him means for me personally.  Don’t get derailed by the world and it’s version of what your life should look like.  Don’t get caught up waiting for this or that to happen.  We have to let go of our expectations and find His expectation for us personally.  So if you are ready to get brutally honest with yourself than I recommend this book for you and you are in for a treat as I will be giving a copy of this book to one person thanks to the publisher, Zondervan.

Even if you are not at the point in your life where you’ve suffered a disappointing set back in what you believe your life should be I still recommend reading “I Don’t Wait Anymore”. Who knows what the future holds only the God of the universe has been there already and I know this book was brought into my life for a reason and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.  The most important thing I took away from my reading of “I Don’t Wait Anymore” was being content with what the Lord has given me when He has given it to me.  I may not understand why I have what I have at any given moment but I trust in the fact that it is in my life because He allowed it and I am free to seek out the reasoning behind it.  I am free to glorify Him for it and to share it with others.

Now for the fun part, I am giving away one copy of “I Don’t Wait Anymore” by Grace Thornton.  To enter please follow these directions and one winner will be selected on June 11th.

  • One entry will be given for leaving a comment here on my blog post about why you would like to read this book.
  • One entry will be given if you share this review on your blog and comment with a link on this post.
  • One entry will be given for sharing this blog post and contest on Facebook or Twitter and comment here with the link to your post on Facebook and Twitter.

I wish each of you the best in this contest and I am can’t wait to read your responses.

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Melissa’s Gleanings….

I don’t know if I can fit all that I’ve gathered over the last month.  I apologize for my absence but if you would like an explanation please see the previous post published on Monday, April 18, 2016.  I missed you tremendously.

But… I believe the Lord had a plan for me and I needed to refuel, recharge and draw nigh unto Him.  It’s not like I slipped so far that I was lost, but I slowly had let the day to day life pull me a little farther from Him than I needed to be.  So this break from blogging and social media interaction has allowed Him to pour into me more of Him and I am so thankful He loves me enough to show me when I am moving away from my first love.

I have to share one product with you that I am absolutely loving.  I found a new favorite pen that comes in a rainbow of color of course I only see purple and write it.  But this pen has helped me return to journaling and praying in color.  It is the PaperMate InkJoy Gel Pen.  It is hard to find and if you buy it off the online major website you will pay way too much for the pens and for the shipping unless you have prime.  I got mine at Walmart.  Yes, Walmart who is giving this major online site a run for their money and doesn’t overcharge you for shipping.  Go check these pens out, I was not asked by PaperMate to do a review.  I just happened to pick these up as I have been seeing a little bit about them on the world wide web.  Let me tell you all the hype is right.  These pens are the smoothest writing gel pens I’ve ever encountered.  No skip.  No skip I repeat.  That is one reason I hate gel pens they skip but not these beauties.  And the rainbow of color is so beautiful.

My personal retreat (blogging break) took me in a different direction that I want to share with you.  Just a disclaimer my description of this process will not do it justice.  So google it and find the post about Verse Mapping 101.  This is the blog post that started me down a path, a slippery path of drawing nearer to the Lord using a Bible Study method called Verse Mapping.  Now I must say here that I don’t agree with all the Verse Mapping blogs or sites you can find on google.  Just my personal opinion.  I don’t think we should approach the Word of God by just letting our Bible fall open to a verse and study it.  I believe in plan to study, study to plan or fail.  You may have a different view and that is great.  So if you are following a plan or not you can try out verse mapping anytime, anywhere!  I love the fact that you don’t need to purchase a study to be able to use it.  All you really need is the Word of God, a pen and a piece of paper.  Now, when you google Verse Mapping you will see that you can go much further than just the basics and that is fine.  Whatever draws you near to the Lord without losing focus of the real reason you started to Verse Map in the first place.

I prefer to use a composition notebook.  I just love composition notebooks.  I really find it hard to find pretty ones.  I would love to have one’s with verses on them or at least something feminine not just your black, white, yellow covers.  I need color.  If you find any would you please share with me?  I read a tutorial about covering a composition book with fabric but it lost me at cut the fabric.  Not crafty.  Not artistic.    So can you help a girl out?  Then I read that you could use scrapbook paper to cover your composition book and make it look pretty.  Yep, that worked out for me.  My composition book is glued to my desk and my laptop sits on it now.  Really pretty.

How I Verse Map is different than others too.  Yours will be too.  There is no right or wrong way.  You goal is to draw near to the Lord.  In my method of Verse Mapping I start at: Prayer, (you gathered your supplies above) so I begin with praying.  I ask the Holy Spirit to meet me right where I am and to illuminate the Word that I am about to ingest.  To give me wisdom and understanding to comprehend what it means for me personally.  I ask the Holy Spirit to help me do what it says, when it says and to heed it carefully.  I thank God for the Word that He gave us and the fact that I have such easy access to it.  I thank the Holy Spirit for His illumination.  And then I am ready for Step Number Two:

2:  As I mentioned above I have to have a plan when I study.  I can’t randomly let my Bible fall open and go with it.  I have been doing Hello Mornings Bible studies for years.  I am currently doing a Nourish study too.  Since the Hello Mornings Bible study was one I had done before I decided to use this one in case I got lost along the journey.  I began reading the passages that the study suggested and I kept reading until something stood out to me.  Something like a question, a verse or nugget of truth I had not gleaned before.  Sometimes I read for long periods of time and others it pops off the page right away.  Remember there is no right or wrong way to do this.  It is God, Holy Spirit, The Word and you meeting in your quiet place.

I am going to stop there and will finish the exciting journey of Verse Mapping in another blog post.

Until Next Time,




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Did you miss me?  I have been gone from Melissa’s Musings for a month today.  Wow, how time flies.  I assure you I did not do it intentionally, life just took a different direction and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and gather all my thoughts to post.

I’ve missed each one of you, my loyal subscribers who reached out to me to check on me.  My unique visitors that came for a specific purpose.  I apologize I wasn’t here to give you something new to read, but I can see you’ve been busy scouring the past posts. I am so glad you stopped by!

I mentioned in March that the sickness had hit our house and from what I’ve heard through the internet it hit a lot of homes more so than all the snow storms up north this year.  My middle daughter became sick on February 19 and was finally diagnosed with pneumonia in March.  So we had a whole month of sickness and doctor visits, x-rays, etc.

This little blog break allowed me to minister to my family and to catch up on reading, product review requests and reviewing some products.  I have to say my favorite part of the break was the extra Bible study that I was able to do.  Instead of starring at a blank screen I was able to stare at the Word of God more and let it flood my soul with His Words of truth.  Very nourishing. I highly recommend it.

I have a nourishing post that I will share a lot of the things that I gleaned from my time with the Lord.  So I won’t give away too much here in this post.  But I do want to share where I’ve been, with whom I’ve been and where I am going.

In February I finally took the plunge and started a bullet journal.  What is a bullet journal?  You can check out the original bullet journal here on this website that has tons of solid information and was a great starting point for me.  It wasn’t the website that actually made me take the plunge but it is still an awesome resource.

The Bullet Journal was started by Ryder Carroll.  But there are so many different bullet journalers now.  I visited the site over two years ago and watched the video and read some information but I was not hooked.  I didn’t become hooked until I read blog posts and different groups about bullet journaling and found all the different possibilities.  Still a skeptical (I guess that is why I do product reviews for my readers) I bought a composition book from the Dollar Tree to start because I honestly did not believe that this system would work for me.  I have reviewed or tried so many different planners and tools for time management, journaling, prayer, Bible study that I had exhausted most of the possibilities. So I gave bullet journaling a shot and I was hooked after doing it for one month.  I bought a different journal than my composition book, a hardcover one, I’ve been trying to find a fabric book cover that would fit it to protect it from me, but so far all attempts have failed in getting one made.  I digress…

What hooked me and kept me coming back for more in bullet journaling is all I need is one book, planner, journal and it meets all my needs.  I don’t have to have a prayer journal, a day planner, etc.  One book does it all.  One thing I feel is lacking in the bullet journal world is the lack of good quality printables.  I have huge, loopy hand writing and I find it unattractive.  I wish someone would make forms for the monthly calendars and functional days of the week and months for the dailies.  SO if you know someone please send them my way and if they can sew that would be even better so I can get my cover made.  I digress..

I will be sharing more about my bullet journal journey (say that three times fast) as I blog, but I am not sure about photos as I mentioned above my handwriting frightens me.  If you check out the bullet journal site and decide to give it a try drop me a line and I’d love to hear what works for you.

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Melissa’s Gleanings…

Wow, I can not believe that the first week of March has come and gone.  Our household has been suffering some illness that is why I haven’t been blogging lately.  In between home, work, kids school and sickness it is has slowed us down tremendously.  I have  missed my blog readers and blog friends.  I am so thankful for each email or note that I received from my readers when I miss a week blogging.  I love each and everyone one you and I am  honored that you read my words.

In February, Melissa’s Musings jumped on the Bullet Journal bandwagon.  I know I write about planners, paper and pens here and share my reviews all the time, but I was struggling in the planning world.   I love my Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner and I still use it.  My Homemaker’s Friend Daily 2016 planner is used for my household.  It is the command center that helps keep my house running smoothly and gives me, mom, some sanity.  But, I needed something more.  I needed to have a calendar at home because my husband is home all day and I am not.  I needed him to be able to see the plans for the house visually.  Now don’t get me wrong, I also discuss all our household plans with my husband and he has final say, but sometimes as we are all humans we forget things so when I leave my planner at the house open for him to see, he can recall where we are and what we are doing.  So I needed something portable in a planner.  I needed something I could mold and shape and make it what I needed not force myself to conform to the pages it contained.  Enter the Bullet Journal.

If you’ve never heard about the Bullet Journal I invite you to go to the founder’s page and watch the video.  The website is:  Ryder Carroll   (just click on the founder’s name and you’ll be taken to his website).  I read about the bullet journal and watched the video months maybe even a year ago, I was impressed but not motivated to make the switch.  In February of this year after a total schedule blunder, I decided to go looking for something more.  One thing that held me back from the bullet journal previously was that I felt I did not have the time to create each page I needed.  Plus I am not artistic in the least.  So I was worried about straight lines.  I jumped on the bullet journal method in February and I was counting the days until the end of February until I could create my March pages.   I love this method.  I will be sharing more in my gleanings and my daily posts so stay tuned.

I know you may ask how the bullet journal planning system fits into my normal Melissa’s Gleanings.  Well, my gleanings are about what I am learning and I am learning a new planning method that is helping to simplify my life and it is a blessing to be able to share it with others.  Plus, I am using my bullet journal for Bible study, prayer, gratitude journal, fitness planner and so much more all contained in one book.  I love the fact that as I am studying or reading at work my Bible study during lunch when I come across something that the Lord reveals to me I can jot it down, draw it our or journal about it right then and there.  I do wish I could learn how to write like some of those who have been bullet journaling for longer than me.  I will have to look into a letter class or something.  One day I may be brave enough to share the pages of my bullet journal but not right now, but if you want to share how you bullet journal by all means send your images to me and I would be happy to share them on the blog.

Now on to the nuggets of truth that the Lord revealed to me as I spent time in His Word asking Him to speak to my heart.  I love the tremendous unity the Bible has, don’t you?  The New Testament is concealed in the Old Testament.  I can’t read one without the other popping into my mind, can you?  When I am reading in the New Testament, I will read a verse and a light will pop off in my head that I’ve read something similar before and I have to follow the trail through Scripture that God left me to find the verse.  Do you do this too?  I am going to start verse mapping soon, and I am think this will work great for my study time as I am always following the thread of a verse through the Bible until I find it’s beginning or end.  And verse mapping looks exciting to this uncoordinated, unable to draw person.

This year as I read the story of the Israelites and the battle of Jericho the Words of Scripture spoke to me.  The plan that God gave Joshua to destroy Jericho would work in my own life with the enemy or any dilemma that I was facing that had walls I could not see over.  Do you have a few of them in your life?  Let me share:

  • God told Joshua to go around Jericho once every day.  So go around your own personal Jericho (problem/dilemma) only once a day.  Pray about it one time and give it into the Lords’ more than capable hands.
  • God told Joshua to take the ark with him and the Israelite’s. So take the ark with you.  Remind yourself of God’s presence with you each moment you are tempted to go around the Jericho another time throughout the day.  Remind yourself of what God’s Word says about this Jericho in your life.  Remind yourself about God’s promises to you as His child.

The walls will crumble just like they did at Jericho and God will receive the glory.

Until Next Time,


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Save A Place For Me!



Recently, I lost someone very near and dear to my heart.  She was like my second mom after mine passed away in 2006.  She was my moms best friend and she later became mine. Even though 1,200 miles separated us physically we were together in spirit.  My heart aches for the emptiness that is left by her passing.  But my heart also leaps for joy as I know that she is in glory with our Heavenly Father and Jesus.  Praise God.

For privacy sake I will call my mom’s best friend and mine “G”.  In 2011 G had lost her husband to a long battle with cancer.  Sad and alone I played the song “Save A Place For Me” by Matthew West for her.  We both shed tears of joy as we listened to the the lyrics.  I told her that her husband and my mom were saving a place for us.  They were saving some grace for us.  Even though death has lost it’s sting for us as Christians it still leaves an empty void in your life where that special someone use to fill or be.  Believe me when I tell you that you want to fill that void with Jesus as we were created to be and not something physical, mental or emotional.  Let Jesus flood your life as the waves of grief wash against you, because if you don’t you will find yourself in a very dark place that is very hard to escape.

For four years after her husband died me and G talked weekly on the phone about our Lord Jesus and life.  Mother and daughter stuff.  One day G called me to tell me that she had lung cancer and she had refused all treatment.  She said she had lived a full life and that she was ready to make peace with this world and go on to meet her Creator.  As we cried together about the sadness of the whole thing, I slowly began to realize that it was her time and that I would have to let go of this earthly body she possessed and let her fly away home.  The words to “Save A Place For Me” flooded my soul and I reminded her of this song we had listened too, cried too four years ago.  G told me that she would save a place for me and she would save some grace for me too!

There is a hole in my life that G use to fill but I can no longer talk to her, but she is in a better place.  She is with her Bridegroom, she has no pain, she is not suffering.  I listen to the Matthew West song “Save A Place For Me” and “Reason For The World” to help my hope stay vibrant and alive.  I miss G tremendously but I know that she is better off where she is.  So today on the blog I say goodbye to someone I’ve known forever and loved even longer.

Until Next Time,


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Gleanings by Melissa

It truly has been too long since I shared my gleanings with you.  I apologize.  Life got in the way.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have still be spending time in the Word with my Creator.  I have been allowing Him to pour into me, I have just failed to pour out His goodness into your life by posting my nuggets of truth and wisdom the LORD has graciously shared with me.  I am sorry.  But… You know me I took notes.

I am once again reading through the Word of God.  This year I am not doing it Chronologically I am reading the Word how most Bibles are printed beginning in Genesis and reading through Revelations.  I am not using one of those check it off plans this year.  I printed out the reading schedule and I refer to it once in a while to make sure that I am not lagging behind or totally getting off track, but I am not following a set reading time table.  I read until the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart.  I read until the Lord reveals Himself to me in a verse or passage.  I sometimes read the same chapter over and over four or five times as I savor the very words that God is speaking to me His child.  Truly we are blessed to have the Word of God so readily available to us and to be able to read it each day is one of the greatest blessings we could possibly receive.  But….I was one of those who didn’t pull up the chair at the banquet and let the Lord feed me.  Why?  Oh, the reasons would go on longer than this blog post or blog series.  But what I didn’t realize at the time was they were just excuses and attempts of the enemy to capture my attention elsewhere to keep me from truly knowing the Lord.  I am not trying to condemn or judge anyone here I am speaking totally to myself.  In my own life, I let the busyness and all consuming world take me away from my first love.  That is one of the reasons I chose to read the Bible through each year is so I can draw closer to Him.  So I digress, but this plan that I am loosely following in 2016 is working for me.  I am reading the Word, but I am also tasting and seeing the Word through different eyes as I don’t rush through reading a certain amount of chapters to check off those little boxes.  It is working very well for my anxiety and over achieving tendencies.   Thank you Lord!

I am also journaling through the Bible With Joanna Weaver of  Her reading schedule is called Word of God Speak.  She also has a Facebook page and shares on Twitter for you social media people.  Each week we have a set of Scriptures to read through and we read through them slowly, sometimes we spend a whole week on two chapters of the Bible.  I can hear that gasp.  But yes we are slowing down our reading and we are savoring small portions of Scripture.  Joanna shares a journal for using her method when you become a subscriber to her blog.  I am using my own version of her journal as I changed it a bit to make it work for me.  I hope you’ll check it out.

I am also writing out Scripture this year in my journal too.  I am following the monthly Scripture Writing Challenges found at  This is only my second month but I am loving it.  When I slow down to read the passage and then write the passage I find it is easier to recall the passage throughout the days, weeks, months ahead and then I can pray this Scripture back to the Lord as situations arise that call for these verses.  Pssst…. I have a secret I have a real special review coming up about Scripture writing.  I know you’ve heard of different products for writing Scripture but have you heard of one where you can write out the whole entire Bible in one gorgeously bound volume?  No?  Stay tuned, I promise you won’t be disappointed, I wasn’t.

My new method of Bible study for 2016 was revealed to me at the end of January by the Lord.  He led me to  I have never met Aliene Thompson in person only on periscope.  But, the Lord knew what I needed and when I needed it.  So one night He led me to her website where I have joined her studying through the book of Ephesians.  We are discovering our Godly Girl power.  I love the fact that Aliene has the study on periscope for 24 hours and then she also has a video most of the times on youtube and then she also does an itunes podcast.  Each week Aliene emails us out her newsletter that contains the current weeks Scripture and we each study the passages out for ourselves using the Nourish Bible study method that was developed by Aliene.  I am totally addicted to this new way or lens of looking at God’s Word.  I am looking at God’s Word through His eyes and not mine.  My eyes are corrupt.  His are pure and when we allow Him to illuminate and reveal through the Holy Spirit you will be amazed at what you see.  One truth that has been very evident to me is that reading, studying the Bible is not all about me.  To think.  I know.

I hope you will continue to read and study with me as Melissa gleans through the Word of God.  It is my hopes to be able to post more regularly.

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Blue Ribbon Trail Ride is the fourth book in a the Horse And Friends series written by Miralee Ferrell.  Blue Ribbon Trail Ride is filled with horses, scavenger hunts, adventures, friendship and mystery all bound together in each page of the book.  Written with the middle school to young children is packed full of good Christian life lessons that any child would be blessed to read about.


My daughter is horse crazy.  Has been since birth.  So I jumped at the change to review this book because I knew she would devour them.  I wasn’t wrong.  The moment the books arrived at our house she immediately started reading book one in the Horse And Friends series.  Now I did not go back and read from book one, but started with book four Blue Ribbon Trail Ride for my review.  So if you want to know what happens prior to Blue Ribbon Trail Ride then you’ll have to go back and read book one.

Blue Ribbon Trail ride is a well written book that even elementary age children could read.  I love the life values and Christian principles that it conveys.  The story of friendship, helping others all wrapped up in a hunt for a missing item and don’t forget the horses as my daughter says.  My daughter is 15 years old and she loved this book series.  My 12 year old daughter who is not horse crazy read the story for the mystery and was not disappointed.  My 11 year old daughter who is mildly horse crazy loved them too.  As a mother I am always looking for reading material for my children that upholds and lifts up and edifies the Word of God.  I have to say I found a new author, thank you Miralee Ferrell.

If you love horses or are just mildly interested or if you are hooked on mystery and adventure reading than this book is for you.  It will grab your attention within the first few pages and keep you or your young reader captivated until the end.

You can purchase this book or the books in the series by visiting David C Cook at or you can visit the author’s website Miralee Ferrell to find out more about these books or other books coming soon.

Until Next Time,



Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I received one book series Horses and Friends from Litfuse Publicity Group and David C Cook to use in exchange for my honest product review. There are No affiliate links (money-making ideas) included in this post. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255:“Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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Sermon Sketch Notes Winner Announced

So what did you think of the Sermon Sketch Notes review?  I have to tell you after using it for longer than my normal 30 days, I am in love with it.  I have people asking me after church what I am doing and I’ve shared this new way to go deeper into the Word of God.

What a blessing.  I have a little secret.  Coming soon I will have a post on another of @BlessInks products.  I don’t want to tell you too much as I have not received the product in the mail yet, but I can hardly wait to share it with you.

So now, it’s time to announce the winner of their very own Sermon Sketch Notes.

Dawn Maurice

You are the winner!  Please send me an email with your address and I will have Marsha mail you out a your copy as soon as possible and congratulations I know you will enjoy this product.

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Posted by: hugapoohlouise | February 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Savannah!

Wow! Another year has gone by and my oldest child is now 15.  What?  Wait a minute how did that happen?  These years have flown by.  You are my child that is older than her actual years on this earth.  There is a wisdom that you’ve been blessed with from our Heavenly Father inside your heart and soul that truly amazes me.

You  are one of the most thoughtful young children I know and I am not saying that because you are my child, but it is like you try to anticipate the needs and wants of those around you and try to help out in anyway you can.  I thank the Lord for blessing me and your dad with you each day and each day He gives us in your life is truly a blessing.

I hope you had a Happy Birthday as I am late on the post due to sickness and busyness.  I hope your party tomorrow is a blessing to you as you get to spend time with family and friends.

I am praying for you as you continue in your 15th year.  I am praying as you learn to drive with your dad that God will bless you with wisdom and that you will heed this wisdom.  I pray for protection around you as you learn to drive and then drive on your own.  I pray for guidance as you take your learner’s permit.  Most of all I pray that you will be a careful, thoughtful driver.

Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter.

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