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Save A Place For Me!



Recently, I lost someone very near and dear to my heart.  She was like my second mom after mine passed away in 2006.  She was my moms best friend and she later became mine. Even though 1,200 miles separated us physically we were together in spirit.  My heart aches for the emptiness that is left by her passing.  But my heart also leaps for joy as I know that she is in glory with our Heavenly Father and Jesus.  Praise God.

For privacy sake I will call my mom’s best friend and mine “G”.  In 2011 G had lost her husband to a long battle with cancer.  Sad and alone I played the song “Save A Place For Me” by Matthew West for her.  We both shed tears of joy as we listened to the the lyrics.  I told her that her husband and my mom were saving a place for us.  They were saving some grace for us.  Even though death has lost it’s sting for us as Christians it still leaves an empty void in your life where that special someone use to fill or be.  Believe me when I tell you that you want to fill that void with Jesus as we were created to be and not something physical, mental or emotional.  Let Jesus flood your life as the waves of grief wash against you, because if you don’t you will find yourself in a very dark place that is very hard to escape.

For four years after her husband died me and G talked weekly on the phone about our Lord Jesus and life.  Mother and daughter stuff.  One day G called me to tell me that she had lung cancer and she had refused all treatment.  She said she had lived a full life and that she was ready to make peace with this world and go on to meet her Creator.  As we cried together about the sadness of the whole thing, I slowly began to realize that it was her time and that I would have to let go of this earthly body she possessed and let her fly away home.  The words to “Save A Place For Me” flooded my soul and I reminded her of this song we had listened too, cried too four years ago.  G told me that she would save a place for me and she would save some grace for me too!

There is a hole in my life that G use to fill but I can no longer talk to her, but she is in a better place.  She is with her Bridegroom, she has no pain, she is not suffering.  I listen to the Matthew West song “Save A Place For Me” and “Reason For The World” to help my hope stay vibrant and alive.  I miss G tremendously but I know that she is better off where she is.  So today on the blog I say goodbye to someone I’ve known forever and loved even longer.

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Gleanings by Melissa

It truly has been too long since I shared my gleanings with you.  I apologize.  Life got in the way.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have still be spending time in the Word with my Creator.  I have been allowing Him to pour into me, I have just failed to pour out His goodness into your life by posting my nuggets of truth and wisdom the LORD has graciously shared with me.  I am sorry.  But… You know me I took notes.

I am once again reading through the Word of God.  This year I am not doing it Chronologically I am reading the Word how most Bibles are printed beginning in Genesis and reading through Revelations.  I am not using one of those check it off plans this year.  I printed out the reading schedule and I refer to it once in a while to make sure that I am not lagging behind or totally getting off track, but I am not following a set reading time table.  I read until the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart.  I read until the Lord reveals Himself to me in a verse or passage.  I sometimes read the same chapter over and over four or five times as I savor the very words that God is speaking to me His child.  Truly we are blessed to have the Word of God so readily available to us and to be able to read it each day is one of the greatest blessings we could possibly receive.  But….I was one of those who didn’t pull up the chair at the banquet and let the Lord feed me.  Why?  Oh, the reasons would go on longer than this blog post or blog series.  But what I didn’t realize at the time was they were just excuses and attempts of the enemy to capture my attention elsewhere to keep me from truly knowing the Lord.  I am not trying to condemn or judge anyone here I am speaking totally to myself.  In my own life, I let the busyness and all consuming world take me away from my first love.  That is one of the reasons I chose to read the Bible through each year is so I can draw closer to Him.  So I digress, but this plan that I am loosely following in 2016 is working for me.  I am reading the Word, but I am also tasting and seeing the Word through different eyes as I don’t rush through reading a certain amount of chapters to check off those little boxes.  It is working very well for my anxiety and over achieving tendencies.   Thank you Lord!

I am also journaling through the Bible With Joanna Weaver of  Her reading schedule is called Word of God Speak.  She also has a Facebook page and shares on Twitter for you social media people.  Each week we have a set of Scriptures to read through and we read through them slowly, sometimes we spend a whole week on two chapters of the Bible.  I can hear that gasp.  But yes we are slowing down our reading and we are savoring small portions of Scripture.  Joanna shares a journal for using her method when you become a subscriber to her blog.  I am using my own version of her journal as I changed it a bit to make it work for me.  I hope you’ll check it out.

I am also writing out Scripture this year in my journal too.  I am following the monthly Scripture Writing Challenges found at  This is only my second month but I am loving it.  When I slow down to read the passage and then write the passage I find it is easier to recall the passage throughout the days, weeks, months ahead and then I can pray this Scripture back to the Lord as situations arise that call for these verses.  Pssst…. I have a secret I have a real special review coming up about Scripture writing.  I know you’ve heard of different products for writing Scripture but have you heard of one where you can write out the whole entire Bible in one gorgeously bound volume?  No?  Stay tuned, I promise you won’t be disappointed, I wasn’t.

My new method of Bible study for 2016 was revealed to me at the end of January by the Lord.  He led me to  I have never met Aliene Thompson in person only on periscope.  But, the Lord knew what I needed and when I needed it.  So one night He led me to her website where I have joined her studying through the book of Ephesians.  We are discovering our Godly Girl power.  I love the fact that Aliene has the study on periscope for 24 hours and then she also has a video most of the times on youtube and then she also does an itunes podcast.  Each week Aliene emails us out her newsletter that contains the current weeks Scripture and we each study the passages out for ourselves using the Nourish Bible study method that was developed by Aliene.  I am totally addicted to this new way or lens of looking at God’s Word.  I am looking at God’s Word through His eyes and not mine.  My eyes are corrupt.  His are pure and when we allow Him to illuminate and reveal through the Holy Spirit you will be amazed at what you see.  One truth that has been very evident to me is that reading, studying the Bible is not all about me.  To think.  I know.

I hope you will continue to read and study with me as Melissa gleans through the Word of God.  It is my hopes to be able to post more regularly.

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Blue Ribbon Trail Ride is the fourth book in a the Horse And Friends series written by Miralee Ferrell.  Blue Ribbon Trail Ride is filled with horses, scavenger hunts, adventures, friendship and mystery all bound together in each page of the book.  Written with the middle school to young children is packed full of good Christian life lessons that any child would be blessed to read about.


My daughter is horse crazy.  Has been since birth.  So I jumped at the change to review this book because I knew she would devour them.  I wasn’t wrong.  The moment the books arrived at our house she immediately started reading book one in the Horse And Friends series.  Now I did not go back and read from book one, but started with book four Blue Ribbon Trail Ride for my review.  So if you want to know what happens prior to Blue Ribbon Trail Ride then you’ll have to go back and read book one.

Blue Ribbon Trail ride is a well written book that even elementary age children could read.  I love the life values and Christian principles that it conveys.  The story of friendship, helping others all wrapped up in a hunt for a missing item and don’t forget the horses as my daughter says.  My daughter is 15 years old and she loved this book series.  My 12 year old daughter who is not horse crazy read the story for the mystery and was not disappointed.  My 11 year old daughter who is mildly horse crazy loved them too.  As a mother I am always looking for reading material for my children that upholds and lifts up and edifies the Word of God.  I have to say I found a new author, thank you Miralee Ferrell.

If you love horses or are just mildly interested or if you are hooked on mystery and adventure reading than this book is for you.  It will grab your attention within the first few pages and keep you or your young reader captivated until the end.

You can purchase this book or the books in the series by visiting David C Cook at or you can visit the author’s website Miralee Ferrell to find out more about these books or other books coming soon.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I received one book series Horses and Friends from Litfuse Publicity Group and David C Cook to use in exchange for my honest product review. There are No affiliate links (money-making ideas) included in this post. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255:“Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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Sermon Sketch Notes Winner Announced

So what did you think of the Sermon Sketch Notes review?  I have to tell you after using it for longer than my normal 30 days, I am in love with it.  I have people asking me after church what I am doing and I’ve shared this new way to go deeper into the Word of God.

What a blessing.  I have a little secret.  Coming soon I will have a post on another of @BlessInks products.  I don’t want to tell you too much as I have not received the product in the mail yet, but I can hardly wait to share it with you.

So now, it’s time to announce the winner of their very own Sermon Sketch Notes.

Dawn Maurice

You are the winner!  Please send me an email with your address and I will have Marsha mail you out a your copy as soon as possible and congratulations I know you will enjoy this product.

Until Next Time,


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Happy Birthday Savannah!

Wow! Another year has gone by and my oldest child is now 15.  What?  Wait a minute how did that happen?  These years have flown by.  You are my child that is older than her actual years on this earth.  There is a wisdom that you’ve been blessed with from our Heavenly Father inside your heart and soul that truly amazes me.

You  are one of the most thoughtful young children I know and I am not saying that because you are my child, but it is like you try to anticipate the needs and wants of those around you and try to help out in anyway you can.  I thank the Lord for blessing me and your dad with you each day and each day He gives us in your life is truly a blessing.

I hope you had a Happy Birthday as I am late on the post due to sickness and busyness.  I hope your party tomorrow is a blessing to you as you get to spend time with family and friends.

I am praying for you as you continue in your 15th year.  I am praying as you learn to drive with your dad that God will bless you with wisdom and that you will heed this wisdom.  I pray for protection around you as you learn to drive and then drive on your own.  I pray for guidance as you take your learner’s permit.  Most of all I pray that you will be a careful, thoughtful driver.

Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter.

Until Next Time,


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Sermon Sketch Notesby Marsha Baker @blessinks Review

I have always been a note taker, doodler and journaling addict.  BUT not an artist.  I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.  I don’t paint, craft, etc.  I am artistically challenged.  So when a few of my readers suggested to me there was a visual note taking method that I could implement in my sermon notebook I got busy finding the best teacher.  Plus I had my fingers crossed that it did not include any art lessons or being able to draw more than a stick person.

As I researched the internet from the comfort of my own home, I came across the name Marsha Baker of Blessinks who published a copy of her book “Sermon Sketch Notes” an easy step-by-step guide on using visual note taking to reflect on sermons and Bible passages.

sermon sketchnote cover1

I loved the fact that this guide was a step-by-step tutorial.  So whether you are a good artist or like me a novice this book will benefit you.

Now that I’ve piqued your interest if you were like me when sermon sketchnoting entered your vocabulary you are probably asking, “What is sermon sketchnoting?”  I will paraphrase what Marsha says!  I am sure that most of us are at least familiar with some form of note taking.  Whether in school, college, at work or in church we’ve all taken some form of notes.  Now me, I am an avid sermon note taker.  I have my own version of short hand and I listen aptly while the pastor preaches and I take notes.  I question things that he says that I have not heard before so I can look up them later in the Word of God.  I want to know the truth and I let the truth be the final deciding factor.  Not the words I hear.  Or maybe you are reading a book and you read something that strikes a chord within you.  Do you write it down?  Your a note-taker.  I have books and books of sermon notes, quotes, Scripture that applies to my life that I don’t want to forget.  Marsha showed me a better way to take these notes.  So if you are hungry for more than may I suggest you grab your very own copy of “Sermon Sketchnotes” I am sure you won’t be disappointed, I know I wasn’t.

Marsha shares that sermon note taking is a time for active listening and we can participate in this worship through our note taking.  By adding the visual element we can deepen our listening and worship experience.  Don’t let the size of this book fool you.  It is power packed with helpful steps to help you begin your own personal journey in connecting with God.

Sketchnote Elements

After using the Sermon Sketchnotes book for 30 days I discovered that:

  • While taking notes and drawing I actually retained more of the message preached in each service.
  • I was able to return to the sketch note page from previous sermons and know recall the message over again and take it deeper if necessary.

One thing that Marsha is adamant about is that Sermon Sketching is not drawing.  That as you can tell put my heart at ease after opening the book and reading it through.  But if you are a artist you will be blessed to create visual creations that rival those of us who struggle to draw a straight line.  I wasn’t creating art creations I was creating visual elements to help me connect with the Word and messaged shared.   I have found that when I Sermon Sketching that I am totally engaged in the Lord, His Word and what is being shared.  I know visual note taking may not be for everyone, remember I was a bit skeptical at the beginning too.  I approached this new endeavor by praying and seeking the Lord’s guidance through the Holy Spirit.  I asked Him to help me to see the Word visually and to help me be open to new thought processes that would draw me closer to Him.  Then, I just sat there and listened.

Here is an example of Marsha’s Sermon Sketching page (I am too shy to share my own crude figures and lines).  I would love to hear what you think.  Marsha has graciously agreed to give away here on my blog one copy of the Sermon Sketchnote book.  Details will be at the end of the post.

15 2 15 She did what she could

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for.  How do you get your very own copy of Sermon Sketchnotes?  Well as I alluded to above Marsha has agreed to give one copy away here on my blog.  How do you enter?  Just a few simple rules:

Visit by clicking on the words within this post for “Sermon Sketchnote”, “Marsha”, “Blessinks” and visit Marsha’s page.  Pick one nugget or visual product that you can’t live without and come back here and share it on this blog post in the comments will earn you one entry.

Share some of your own visual sketches here in the comment section, you can leave a link for me to follow will earn  you a second entry.

So don’t delay, visit the blessink webpage right now and get sharing, sketching and note taking.  This drawing will end on February 20, 2016 at Midnight and the winner will be posted the next day.

Don’t worry if you don’t win you can purchase your very own copy of Sermon Sketchnotes on Marsha’s site and read more about the awesome products she shares and her blog posts about visual notetaking.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I received one Sermon Sketchnotes from Blessinks to use in exchange for my honest product review. There are No affiliate links (money-making ideas) included in this post. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255:“Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”






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Announcement! Listen Up Everyone

I have some exciting news for all my subscribers and readers.  Drum roll please….

Melissa’s Musings just found out that she has been accepted by Bible Gateway to be a Blogger Grid blogger.  I am over the top excited.  What does that mean for my subscribers and readers?  You are probably asking?

Well it means you will have great content provided to you by Bible Gateway and top bloggers in the country who love the Lord and want to see the gospel shared into this dark and twisty world.  You will be able to read articles that lift up your faith, strengthen your walk the Lord and lead you down a path of spiritual growth.

So why don’t you check it out today.  Visit the BG² portfolio  by clicking on the BG² anywhere within this post and you will be able to check out all the bloggers selected to blog with Blogger Grid and Bible Gateway.  

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Q&A with Elizabeth Oates – Part One

Q&A with Elizabeth Oates

Author of If You Could See as Jesus Sees

Part 1

From the outside, she has it all together. She’s committed to her family, her friends, and her church. Her Instagram account is an inspiration. But behind every carefully worded post and perfectly posed picture is a woman tormented by the voice in her head: Am I pretty enough? Smart enough? Thin enough? Good enough? Success­ful enough? Am I ever enough? Author and speaker Elizabeth Oates knows that voice all too well.

Q: If You Could See as Jesus Sees was written to reach women who struggle with self-worth. How common is this problem?

A: I think most women—from ages ten to one hundred—wrestle with feelings of inadequacy, doubt, worthlessness, hopelessness, and even self-loathing at some point in their lives. We scorn our bodies, our faces, or our hair. Maybe we even dislike ourselves at our core: our personalities, our gifts, our talents, and our souls. So we spend days, if not years, comparing ourselves to our friends or media celebrities and daydreaming about a different life. Eventually, we morph into an existence vaguely similar to ourselves, yet not quite us. We alter our behavior to please others. We dress like our friends or emulate what we see in InStyle magazine. We may even change our appearance through plastic surgery. Before we know it, we are just an empty shell of our true selves, mere imposters of the women God created.

The details vary from woman to woman. Yet, for each of us, a common thread weaves through our stories: the grand story of the fall. Think back to Eve in the Garden of Eden. She lived in paradise with her loving husband, Adam, and her devoted God. They enjoyed constant fellowship with their Creator. Then the deceitful serpent entered the stage. Listening to his empty promises and twisted propaganda, Eve succumbed to his lies, and women have been believing those lies ever since. We view ourselves through our own distorted lenses of self-loathing, ugliness, shame, and discontentment instead of Jesus’ lenses of love, beauty, redemption, and generosity.

Q: The topic of social media comes up often in this book. How do Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites negatively affect some women?

A: Have you ever mindlessly surfed Facebook, only to shut your lap­top, feeling lonely, useless, and discouraged? It’s tough not to succumb to jealousy, envy, greed—and even despair—when we are inundated with our friends’ vacation photos, dream homes, new cars, job promotions, and all the other exciting things people want to celebrate. We are left feeling as if we are living a less-than-stellar life. For the woman who already struggles with a negative self-image, those posts are a constant reminder of the many ways she doesn’t measure up. Social media has become a driving force in our culture, but it doesn’t reflect reality. It’s the highlight reel. We see people living life seamlessly—the perfect family, the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect faith—and we wonder, “What am I doing wrong? Why am I not married yet? Why am I not pregnant yet? Why don’t I live in my dream home?” What we don’t see underneath those beaming Facebook posts is the crumbling marriage, the house in foreclosure, the credit card debt, and the I’ll-show-up-for-church-on-Sunday-morning-but-don’t-you-dare-ask-me-do-to-anything-riskier kind of faith.

If You Could See As Jesus Sees
Elizabeth Oates
January 2016 / 978-1-63409-512-9 / $14.99
Shiloh Run Press

The content provided in this article was furnished to me by The Barnabas Agency and is solely their writing and property.

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Don’t Forget! Evangelicals for Life Conference

EFL Button

Even if you’re not heading to Washington, D.C., January 21–22 for the March for Life event, block out some time those two days because you’ll be able to attend some of the events in the comfort of your own home. Focus on the Family and The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission will host Evangelicals for Life, a major pro-life conference held in conjunction with the March for Life event.

The event will take place in Washington, D.C., at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. Evangelicals from across the country will gather to hear from leading speakers, such as David Platt, Russell Moore, Jim Daly, Kelly Rosati, and others—to be equipped and encouraged to become a voice for life! The event will also be simulcast for FREE so individuals, churches, and organizations from coast-to-coast and around the world can take part.

Speakers will encourage evangelicals to engage the culture on issues of abortion and end-of-life decisions, and the event will affirm the evangelical belief in the sanctity of life, that every life matters to God and is created in His image.

For more information, visit

Readers of this blog will receive 15% off their registration by using the code FocusLife.

What Pro-Life Really Means

By Daniel Darling

It was a flippant comment by the spokesmen for a presidential candidate: “It doesn’t matter. They’re just Muslims.” But it made shudder.

This is how societies begin to dehumanize a people group, and every generation of Christians is responsible to face this thinking and fight it. This is what it means to be a pro-life champion.

We are pro-life because we are pro-human dignity. It is the uniquely Christian message that sees in every soul a person created in the image of God.

When Planned Parenthood and their allies say, “That’s just a fetus,” we say, “No, that’s a baby, a human life, that deserves dignity and respect.”

When corrupt profiteers look at vulnerable young girls and boys and say, “They are just a commodity to be trafficked for money,” we say, “No, they are boys and girls created in the image of God and deserving of dignity and respect.”

When eugenicists look at the elderly and say, “They are just burdens to be managed,” we say, “No, human dignity is not defined by utility, but is a unique gift given by God.”

When politicians look at immigrants and say, “They are a drain on society,” we say, “No, they are created in the image of God and worthy of kindness, welcoming, and respect.”

When ISIS brutally dehumanizes its victims—Christians, Muslims, Jews, and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their ideology—and they say, “They are just infidels,” we say, by our acts of justice, “No, they are people created in the image of God and worthy of life and respect.”

When the disabled are marginalized, we say, “No, each was created in the image of God and is worthy of our full love and acceptance.”

Even in our discourse, even when we look across the aisle, across the screen, across the table at someone who doesn’t share our beliefs, we say to ourselves, “This person is worthy of respect and dignity because they too were created in the image of God.”

Human dignity, the intrinsic worth of every human soul, is not just a once-every-four-years mantra for voter guides and political scorecards. We live out the imago de as a way of life, and we seek justice wherever human dignity is compromised.

This is why ERLC and Focus on the Family join hands to help raise up a new generation of evangelicals who are passionate about the sanctity of human life. This why you should come to Washington, D.C., this January to the Evangelicals for Life event or participate via the free simulcast at your church or on your computer.

You should join Evangelicals for Life, not simply to make a powerful stand in the nation’s capital. You should come, not simply to be stirred by the gifted speakers. You should come, not only to fellowship and strategize with other champions for life.

You should be a part of of Evangelicals for Life because God is calling you, in this time and in your sphere of influence, to be a voice for human dignity.

Answer for yourself what it means to have a pro-life, whole-life vision. Discover where your gifts and talents best serve the kingdom of God in this way, and send a message to the world that your Christianity compels you to look every human being in the eye and not see what everyone sees. You see in them the image of their Creator.

Daniel Darling is the Vice President for Communications for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (ERLC), the co-sponsor of the Evangelicals for Life conference. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry from Dayspring Bible College and has studied at  Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife Angela have four children and reside in the Nashville area. They attend Green Hill Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, where Dan serves as Pastor of Teaching and Discipleship.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The hustle and bustle of what we’ve created Christmas to be here on earth has come and gone.  The whole world is looking forward to 2016 either with joy or dread but it is coming either way.

We celebrated the birth of Our Savior this Christmas with less commercialization and more of Jesus.  I really enjoyed the simple, yet regal ornaments that lifted up Jesus and downplayed the role of Santa Claus.  Me and the girls had a blast collecting, coloring and making ornaments that reflect a risen King, not a red-suited man with a beard.  I have to say it was also a challenge, until we found Adorenaments®.  But we had a beautiful tree.  We started right after Thanksgiving and finished up on Christmas Eve.

Our Christmas was a little different this year as illness struck our house.  It seems these last few months it has been one person in our family getting sick or diagnosed with some disease.  Which has weighed heavy on my heart.  I love my loved ones and when they suffer I suffer with them.  Our oldest daughter came down with the flu bug on Christmas Eve and then was running a high temperature all day Christmas.  So we had a small gathering to eat this meal prepared by our hands for the glory of God.  It was long after all the food was ate and dishes washed that the cook of the food became ill, yep, me.  So Christmas ended rather shortly as two of us were in bed sick.  I have to say my body needed the rest and I am pleased to announce that my other two kids were thrilled to be able to play uninterrupted with their new presents.

As the New Year draws closer and closer, we are mending.  Still with a fever some of us that goes away for one day and returns the next.  We wanted to wish all of readers, subscribers and followers and occasional visitor a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We wish you many blessings of health and that you would be a reflection of Christ in this year coming.  That when anyone looks at you they will see Christ.

At Melissa’s Musings, we are goal-setting and planning a New Year that will bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ.  I am searching His Word for a Word for 2016 these last few days.  Do you have your word for 2016?  I’d love to hear it and how you are going to implement your word through out this blessing of a New Year that we’ve been given.  I am planning for ways to go deeper with the Lord this year, I am planning my Bible reading journey, looking for a new plan that will help me immerse myself in His Word daily.  I am looking at ways to journal His Word so that it is always in the forefront of my mind.  Ways to chew on a Scripture that is relevant to my life over and over again.  To let His Words be more important to me than physical food.  To seek Him for the paths I need to be on this year and how I can honor and glorify Him best.  How about you?  What are you doing these last few days of 2015?

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and until next time,



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